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Happiness Is . . .

Resting and recuperating at home.


Good news from the vet.


And having your bestie nearby again!


I thank you for all the good juju yesterday.  It helped!  Jenny did well with a very nasty surgery.  She got to come home last night, which no one really expected.  And so far (keep your fingers crossed) we are having an easy time with her recovery here at home.  (Her surgery comes with some potentially . . . messy . . . side effects.  So far, so good.)  

I think no one is happier to have Jenny home than JoJo!  She moped all day yesterday, and was just not quite herself.  She even slacked off with perimeter control, which she sees as her Most Important Role in our pack.  (Trust me, this is BIG.)

Happiness is . . . hanging around with your pack!


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Wonderful news! Here's to a speedy (and non-messy) recovery for Jenny.


So happy to hear this! Rest well Jenny...your BFF is right by your side!


Such good news! I found myself thinking of Jenny (and you!) many times throughout the day yesterday, and am glad and relieved that she did so well. I hope her recovery continues to be easy, and that perimeter control can resume shortly!


Wonderful news! I hope her recovery continues to be good.


So happy your pack is together and everyone is playing their roles to support Jenny! May her recovery be smooth and quick!!


Hooray, I'm so glad Jenny is back with her pack. And also, no poop.


Ben (my dachshund) and I are happy that Jenny is home and recovering!


So glad things went well and so far so good on the recovery! fingers crossed it continues the same way. so neat to see the "buds" together...


Aw, that's great news!! More good juju for... more of the same!

Kim Sheehan

OH I"m so happy to hear this! Great news!


Glad Jenny came through surgery so well! Wishing her a speedy recovery so that JoJo can get back to border patrol.


This brings some tears of joy to my eyes! But, of course Jenny is an excellent patient! I hope her recovery is as excellent as she is! XOXO


Oh thank you for letting us know she is home and doing well. Good girl! xoxo


Loving a dog is one of the best gifts we get ... I'm so glad BOTH of yours are doing better!


When I saw her I immediately thought, oh good, she doesn't have to wear a collar. Whatever her surgery was, the homecoming with a collar would probably not have been as sweet. So happy to see them together again.


What a wonderful update! Love that the doggies are "together again" and that Jenny did so well with her surgery.

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