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Friday Fish Wrap

I've been gathering a bit of this and a little of that for a couple of weeks now.  That means . . . it's time for another Friday Fish Wrap.


(Someone dropped some paperwork off to me yesterday -- inside this bag.  It made me smile and brings me joy.)


When I was a kid, I was totally intrigued with and terrified by two natural phenomena:  quicksand and volcanoes.  How naive I was -- to think that these might be real threats in my daily, adult world!  Somehow, I imagined them as much more prevalent, something that I might actually encounter as I moved through my days.

It didn't take me long to learn that there were actual threats -- but not from quicksand or volcanoes.  Adult-Me, though, got totally sucked in to news and footage of this week's Hawaii volcano situation.  (Talk about a rabbit hole.)

There are some amazing videos of what the lava flow from this volcano looks like.  Plus . . . Science!  I have been exposed to all-new science terms -- words like "volcanology" and "volcanologists," "active vents," and "lava lakes."  It's pretty fascinating, actually.  

(For a brief time in my early college days, I considered a career in geology.  Then I found out I still needed to take chemistry.  Quite a bit of chemistry, actually.  And that was the dealbreaker for me.)  (So funny  . . . because then I married a chemist.)  (And then I gave birth to one.)  (But those are stories for another day.)

Anyway.  Check out this video from National Geographic.  The lava flow is really awesome.  


Sunday is Mother's Day.  Last year, I really struggled with my first Mother's Day sans mother.  It's still hard a year later, and probably will be forever.  But it definitely feels more . . . settled . . . for me this year.

I think it helps that I created my "Mom Garden" full of my mom's favorite flowers.  It's been rewarding and powerful to have this physical space that binds me to her in a tangible way.  This week, her beloved tulips are the shining stars in my garden!


I planted the bulbs last fall, and this is their first year to bloom -- just in time for Mother's Day.  (Hi, Mom!)  

On Mother's Day, I will plant a new dahlia in my mom's honor.  (My mom loved dahlias -- and she planted them in her garden in memory of her own mother.)   I used to give her a beautiful, new dahlia every Mother's Day.  I think I'll just continue doing that.


The New York Times has recently acknowledged - and rectified - a major oversight in their obituary department.  Yes, it turns out that since 1851, the Times obituary section has been dominated by white men.  (Surprised?  Nah.)  To rectify more than a century of negligence, the NY Times has begun adding the stories - and obituaries - of remarkable women who . . . well . . . didn't make the cut when they died.  

Click in to Overlooked to read the obituaries of women the Times should have published in the first place.  It's fascinating.  So many women.  I can't even imagine that the NY Times of the time didn't feel these obituaries deserved to be written.  (But, really.  Of course I can imagine this.)  (Can't you?)

Ida B. Wells.  Charlotte Brontë.  Henrietta Lacks.  Sylvia Plath.  Ada Lovelace.  Ruth Wakefield.

(Talk about a rabbit hole!)  (These women are amazing . . . and - before now - overlooked by the New York Times.)


It's that time again!  Time to play Summer Book Bingo.  Mary has, once again, master-minded the whole thing:  setting up Bingo cards, rules, and 98 (!) categories.  Click here to whoooosh right over to Mary's blog to print out your own Summer Book Bingo card and start reading.

Although I'm not playing along this year (it's a FOCUS thing . . . ), I've already signed on with Mary to be the official Captain of the Cheerleading Squad!  I'm looking forward to watching the rest of you rack up the BINGOs this summer.  Go, Readers!


Have you Knitters seen this shawl over on Ravelry?  It looks cool.  It looks fun.  It looks wearable.  And . . . it's FREE!


It's Spring!  Finally . . . pretty much everywhere . . . Spring has sprung.


Time to quit with the hygge?

Not so fast, my friends!

Here are 10 ways you can keep up the hygge all through the summer:

  1. Open the windows
  2. Give your home a thorough spring cleaning
  3. Change up your bedding (goodbye, flannel!)
  4. Switch out your curtains (or . . . get rid of them altogether)
  5. Bring the outdoors in with plants and fresh flowers
  6. Lighten up -- pare down the tchotchkes for the season
  7. Accentuate your home with natural elements (a bowl of lemons, maybe?)
  8. Pack away throws and cushions to keep things simple and comfortable
  9. Bring the inside outside (think drinks-on-the-patio)
  10. Keep the candles (always with the candles), but change up the scents


Finally, a couple of updates:

  • Jenny is doing fabulously!  She is back to her happy, diva-self -- and she thanks you all for your good juju.
  • My red shoes from last week?  They are these.  Although I could pick these up locally, they did not have the red version I wanted.  So I ordered from Zappos.
  • I ended up not signing up for the KnitStars thing.  Although I think it sounds like a very well-done series --  one where I'm absolutely sure I'd learn a lot -- I just think the timing is not right for me.  (Again - it's a FOCUS thing.)
  • Several people have asked about the mug I've shown here from time to time (it's one of my favorites).  I don't exactly know where it came from, but I've had it since just after the Women's March in 2017.  Here's a photo of the mug in a more readable format (just as it's headed into the dishwasher last night).



And . . . that's a wrap!  A Friday Fish Wrap!

Have a great weekend, y'all.






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This is a great post! And, I too have been fascinated by the volcano! I am sorry you won't be participating in Book Bingo this year, but I might just hit you up for some book suggestions, if you don't mind! I have not decided on my card yet (yes, I printed out two with the idea of studying them next week!)

And, I sighed so hard at the hygge for summer list. I so wish I lived with someone who would let me take down the window coverings! It is a constant battle between light (me) and dark (Steve).

Have a great weekend, and I am so glad that Jenny is doing so well! XO


I love this post - so much good, fun stuff! The volcano footage is fascinating, I agree. And yes, Mother's Day is always going to be a little bit sad now but you're finding ways to honor your mom and keep her memory alive in your garden and in your life and that will help. A lot. Plus dahlias - that's a commitment! I will be checking out those obituaries - hooray for Ruth Wakefield! She and my nana were friends and she was invited to my mom's first wedding. She didn't come but sent a lovely silver candy dish.


My sister and I also thought (hoped?) quicksand might loom large in our adult lives, and spent lots of time in the woods, throwing grapevines to rescue each other from the quicksand (my mother insisted on calling the quicksand mud puddles). I have yet to encounter any real quicksand, but I am ready when it happens.

Happy Mother's Day in your Mom's garden; paying tribute with a new dahlia is simply perfect.

And hooray for Overlooked; it's about time for Ada Lovelace, and I've used the form to nominate Rosalind Franklin and Nettie Stevens (women scientists whose work was overshadowed and claimed by men). Enjoy the weekend!


Oh, this is a great post and kudos to you for staying FOCUSED! And yes, I know how tempting things can be/are! Had to laugh out loud re: Bonny's comment on quicksand!

My moms been gone for 14 Mother's Days and yes, in time it does get easier. You will find many, many sweet memories that'll brighten your day. The dahlia and the tulips are lovely memrances. Enjoy and a Happy Mom's Day to you, too!


One of my favorite parts of the week is reading the Sunday obits in the Boston Globe. I learn so much about so many fascinating people. Thank-you for adding to that wonderful world! And the volcano...I get fascinated by it all! (And hoping a cousin's home isn't in the path of danger!) Happy Mother's Day Kym and here's to our Mom's gone too soon. I think I'll sit and read a bit that day as that was what my Mom loved the most. xoxoxo


This post is amazing! I have little time this morning but loooking forward to rereading! I was particularly taken by the information on obituaries about women. It makes me humming “I am woman...”


I just simply love your Friday Fish posts! Thank you. Glad Jenny is doing well, and that shawl looks awesome.

Happy weekend and Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy!


Your Mom Garden was such a wonderful idea and how lovely to have tulips blooming on this special day! Happy Mother's Day, Kym!! I printed off a Bingo card just to see how unlikely it would be that I would play, but I got a pretty normal card and think I'll go for one Bingo. My Bingo card, My Bingo (someone smart once said). Very Happy to hear Jenny is doing well. I love the season of open windows! It was lovely last week and I had the windows wide open. This week I brought in a little bouquet of lily's of the valley from my neighbors garden. We've had friends over for to break in the new patio furniture and this spring is just about as perfect as it can be!! This is the best time of year. May your day be full of love and joy, Kym!!


1. Fascinating video of the volcano. I hope most of those shots were taken by drone and not by a live person standing next to the lava.
1a. [Diversion] Back when Smokey was in the Naval Reserve, his squadron sometimes went to Hawaii for their two-week active duty. One day his plane flew over one of the volcanoes on the Big Island; less than an hour later it spewed a big cloud of dust and ash and cinders. Had the plane been over the cone at the time or downwind, its turboprop engines would have sucked in that dust and ash and cinders. And since a P-3 glides like a rock, it would have been disastrous.]
B. My mom loved dahlias, too (but they are too civilized-looking for my location in the woods); I absorbed her love of gardens and flowers, too.
iii. As I was reading your week's posts (I seem to catch up with you on the weekend) I held my breath to find out how Jenny was doing. So glad you pack is all together again! And now your perimeter is secured ;-)
4. Love your red shoes! I got a pair of Tevas last year very similar but not nearly as colorful. Now I am coveting yours.
V. Google eventually led me here if anyone wants a mug like yours. So cool!


Thank you for the wonderful read! and the bingo ad. and the lovely tulips. Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Read this post on Friday but it had so much in it that I decided to let my thoughts marinate before commenting. Love the Mom garden Idea. Since I am not by nature a gardener (every spring I stick a few plants in some containers, proudly pat myself on the shoulder, and call it a day) I realized I needed another form of honoring her and am pondering ideas. Besides the fact that they are huge, unpredictable and violent, Volcanos are one of the more dramatic ways that show that we are not in charge of our universe. I sometimes find it disturbing that we are trying to tame nature all the time. Love the gray-haired women cup because it is so-o true, but unfortunately "gray-haired"' plus "women" never seems to set the world on fire, despite Indira Gandhi and Golda Meir's best efforts. Maybe "grandma power" might work but that would exclude a huge number of women... would love to hear a reaction to these thoughts. Maybe I'm overlooking something. As usual you've got us thinking, Kym.


Yahoo! This is a great post!! Love your Mom Garden and that you will continue the tradition. Summertime hygge -- OMG, I can't wait to go home and take my curtains down! And roll up the rugs!

P.S. One of Rusty's cousins & her husband are volcanologists in Ecuador! I'm sure they are glued to the news in Hawaii!


Then again there is Lynn Zwirling of Knitting Behind Bars, who is strong, eloquent and ELEGANT which breaks through the stereotype, at least to me, in a visual way.. I think of her as Gray Power.

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