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Focus: A Mid-Year Update

(Okay.  So it's not mid-year yet, but close enough.)

Way back in January, I explained that I had chosen the word FOCUS to . . . well, focus on . . . for the year.  

I quoted Ferris Bueller.  

I told you that I wanted to focus on what I might be missing -- at what I'm not seeing -- because I've been too busy looking at what I'm already seeing.

I told you I wanted to . . . adjust my focus.


Now I'm here to report back . . . that I'm doing just that.
Adjusting my focus!

And it's kind of fascinating, actually.

Early in the year, I worked out five basic elements to . . . focus on.  (I crack myself up.)

  • Re-thinking my priorities.  (Where do I want my focus to be?)
  • Hacking away at the unessential.  (Paring down.)
  • Ending the distractions.  (Identifying my focus-pullers.)
  • Being mindful.  (Staying focused.)
  • Paying attention to the "space between." (What am I missing?)

Although I'm thinking about all five things all the time, I pretty much started at the top of the list.  And I'm working my way down.

Initially, I did a lot of thinking about how I wanted to be spending my time and living my life by setting priorities and making some hard desicions.  I'm definitely living a more streamlined life now.  I've pruned out a lot of the unessential -- commitments, activities, stuff.  I'm saying NO more often than before, but also saying YES when it makes sense.  My actions are lining up with my priorities.

Right now, I'm taking a hard look at the distractions in my life.  Initially, I thought this would be easy.  But . . . well . . . not so much!  Turns out I'm easily distracted.  I chase shiny objects, and seek out rabbit-holes.  I like daydreaming.  And going off on tangents.  But I'm definitely making progress at figuring this one out.

So, here at (nearly) mid-year, I think I'm onto something:  This FOCUS thing . . . is working!

"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand.  The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus."
                                                                                                                --- Alexander Graham Bell





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This is fantastic Kym. Sometimes I think I should be doing more but with my entire day spent at this job...I'm okay that I gave up the volunteerism, commitments, etc. There will be time for that again one day...and as your my discretion and mindful selection! xoxo


clearly, focusing is hugely beneficial and you are doing it amazingly!


Nice! Just remember that many (especially those who are creative - like you) can tend to be like crows and easily distracted by bright shiny objects. That's not always a bad thing! It can turn out to be a new discovery. Sometimes its difficult to stop being a crow though...

Really like that quote at the end by Bell.


You continue to impress me with your ability to distill things down in this way. GO you.


I've been impressed with your commitment ... I know the pull of shiny objects is hard to resist. letting go can be painful. and figuring out when to say "no" and when to say "yes" is a constant challenge (it's easier to have the same response to all the things). but I think those five focus points are key to living the best "good life" ... especially as you (we :-) move into this next phase. I'm curious - has anything changed with your morning routine that you've found helpful?


If anyone can focus in on what makes a good life, it is you. You who have a practiced eye at finding focus and making changes, who understands that overcommitment only complicates the issue (or the life), and you who has a way of using language to narrow down a subject to its essential focus. You have discipline and focus, you find what is essential.


I do admire how committed you are toward your goals! I do agree with the comment above that shiny objects can lead to new discoveries. The key is to selecting what really fits well and not run from shiny object to shiny object.


One of the reasons I like reading your blog so much is that you are often able to focus your feelings, thoughts, and your words to share your experiences with us. It sounds like focusing on focus has provided you with some valuable ideas and progress, and I bet you'll find even more before the end of the year. Way to go!


Hacking away at what is unessential - I am borrowing this for my list. Strong work.


Good for you! I am awed by your progress and your identifying and actually doing something about those distractions. It is easy to identify things but not so easy at all to alter the behavior. You are a rock star, my friend! I am in awe of your super powers! XOXO


I'm trying to figure out how to be "focused" as you are! Congrats...and thanks for sharing your progress and the "how" of what you are doing - or not! Excellent words to think with Mary, I too anm curious about how you have restructured your morning routine, if at all!


Copy+Paste... those 5 things... as I look for a guiding light and probably just need to... FOCUS.
Love this and thanks for sharing your process. Always.

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