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Flowers are Magical

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful.  They are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul."
                                                                                                    --- Luther Burbank


Now that SPRING has decided to show up around here (thank you!), I'm scrambling out in the garden.  There is so much to do out there . . . that sometimes I just spin around, not knowing where to begin.

But then I just begin.

Clipping and pulling and raking and digging.  (And sometimes shaking my head . . . as in where did that come from???)

After three big days in the garden . . . my nails are crap, my arms are totally scratched up, and my back is tired.

BUT.  I'm also better, happier, and more helpful!

Flowers are magical -- and gardens, indeed, are medicine for the soul.


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My nails and hands also look like crap, but my flower beds and the vegetables in the garden are looking much better!


YAY for Spring and for (finally) getting out to play/work in the dirt!!


I need a new pair of gardening gloves. Or, I at least need to remember to WEAR gardening gloves! I'm glad to hear you pull things, too. I always feel a little guilty yanking the violets but if I don't yank them now they take over and spread everywhere!


That is so true! And, it is the best feeling in all the world!


I love pulling! And you're right...there really is no better feeling than digging around in that dirt.


I try wearing gardening gloves but they just don't give me the satisfaction that getting my hands in the soil does. Nature is truly the balm of life and the joy of growing flowers (or vegetables) is magical.


The lilacs are blooming— time to join you in planting!


So very satisfying!! And beautiful. ;)


My Mother’s day gift from my daughter are a beautiful pair of gardening gloves. I’m going to be so styling! For reasons I can’t explain most of my gardens are gone. I do have a few samples that coming up in what I call the holding garden but I’m pretty much starting my perennial garden from scratch. Only thing blooming are my tulips from Amsterdam and a few daffodils. One resilient soul came up in the new lawn!


Tell us more about your "new red shoes"...they look wonderful! Keens, Merrels? details woman, details!!!


oh YAY for Spring! #flowersaremagical indeed!


So delighted that you are able, at last, to get out and dig in the soil! Enjoy! Enjoy!

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