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The Thing with Gardening


Knitting continues (ever more slowly lately) (because gardening) on this beast. . . 


Although I had flirted with the idea of putting it down to start something a little more . . . summer-y, I've opted to slog on with the mitred squares.  (It's fun.  I'm in the groove.  And, mostly, I just tend to be a monogamous knitter.)

But I've reached that point in the project where I begin to contemplate my next knitting project.  (I usually spend at least half of my current project dreaming and scheming what I'll make next.)

I spent several days dreaming about this sweater, but decided to wait until fall is near.

Then, my thoughts shifted to warm-weather knitting, and I dreamed about this sweater and this sweater and even this one.

Finally, my scheming settled on this for my next project!  I even have the perfect yarn.  (Thinking about this one got me through two and a half tiers of the mitred square project without distraction, so committed I am.)

And then . . . 

Well.  Then, I did a little organizing down in my sewing room (where I keep my yarn), and I stumbled across this yarn I had completely forgotten about.


I picked this up at the Michigan Fiber Festival last August.  Three heavenly skeins -- two in the grey-ish/taupe-ish solid color, and one with those lovely shades of pink and coral mixed in.  I bought all she had!  No plan at all.  I just had to have it.  (You know how that goes. . . )

So now I'm just thinking about this yarn.  And what I might do with it.  Although it's fun to dream and scheme about possibilities, this one really has me stumped.  Maybe y'all can help?  Here are the specs on the yarn:

  • It's "heavy lace" weight (which feels a lot like "light fingering" to me).
  • Each skein has 350 yards (so that's 700 yards solid; 350 yards of the mix-y one).
  • The fiber content is really dreamy:  super fine alpaca, super fine merino, type C pygora, yak, cultivated silk, camel down, and angora bunny (let's just say super, super touchable and leave it at that).

(For about 6 hours, I thought it might be perfect for that Shakerag top in the new Mason Dixon Field Guide.)  (But then I got hold of myself and said ALL of those fibers . . . and not one of them linen . . . you are nuts!!!)

What do you think?  What should I do with this gorgeous yarn???  I'm open to suggestions . . . I have about 28 more mitred squares for more contemplation!


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My first thought was a Match & Move, but I don't think the two are contrasty enough. Do you think or might work? I bet Vicki and/or Mary will come up with great ideas. If not, you can always send it to me. :-) It's beautiful and I can see why you just had to have it!


I love Tegna and have been contemplating what I might have to knit it with! And, that yarn is so gorgeous! Could you make that yarn work for Tegna? I think it would be perfect!


I haven't a clue as to what that yarn would like to be but it sure is lovely. Keep us posted. The shawl keeps growing - progress.


I'm not up enough of the new and trendy patterns to make a suggestion. I will say, though, that of all the links you posted, I like Point Reyes a lot!


Also chiming in with no suggestions but plenty of admiration for the yarn. It will look wonderful with your hair. (Crazy about Tegna -- I want to make it with less ease, like this one: -- and Point Reyes was also already in my queue, and I just added Octavia, wheeee! It will be so lovely and drapey in linen. If I ever actually make it. Otherwise, it's going to be gorgeous in my queue and in my imagination...)


Hm. I'm thinking something like Octavia for that yarn -- with the pink used for the simple open-work areas at the bottom & sleeves, and the semi-solid for the body -- not sure the proportions are quite right, though (but perhaps could be modified). I'm wishing I liked it for Tegna, but I don't know... It is GORGEOUS yarn!!


Gorgeous yarn! I came back later to see what everyone had recommended - lol. I like Vicki's idea of using it for Octavia if that would work. That's a pattern I keep coming back to time and again. I also love Reposado. Will be fun to see what you end up doing!!


I imagine yarn probably speaks differently to different people. To me its speaks something flow-y but thats all I’ve got. And I just Raveled Octavia , and there are at least three there with that name. Can someone tell me which is the latest and greatest??


Oh, the fingering weight top with the hem detail by Leila Raabe? By process of elimination it would be the only choice, I guess among the Octavias.


You've linked to so many beautiful sweaters! The yarn is lovely, but you'd have to do some swatching to see how they play together and if it would work for Tegna. I think Mary will be the person to come to your rescue!


Octavia is such a elegant pattern! I’d like to offer up Birds of a Feather shawl. Several knitters have subbed out the thinner yarn for a fingering weight. Check out the Rav projects!


I LOVE Point Reyes (even spent a few minutes wondering if I could convert my "stash" of 7 skiens - 3 colors - of Sparrow from the failed True Colors). But those three skeins would be calling me loudly. At first I wasn't thinking the fiber content was great for a sweater - but a light piece for summer might be really nice. It should block beautifully, too - I think Octavia would be lovely - with the multi at either the top or the bottom. I love this tank - use the multi at the top or the bottom (I think I like it at the bottom so you can work the lacy detail in the solid). and this wrap (I'd split the multi into two balls and begin and end with it ...and finally - I'm not sure Shakerag wouldn't work too - as we've discussed, linen isn't necessarily a good thing in a tank :-), but I'm not sure how to work in the multi skien. CAN'T wait to see what you do ... soon, right!?!


I've not a single suggestion to offer but I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect project. Looking forward to seeing what it is!


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