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Three on Thursday, Random Style

I call this Still Life with Primer . . .


(And, sure.  Red wine goes with everything.)

Try as I might, I've got no clever or even mildly entertaining Three on Thursday ideas this week.  How about some random instead?

1 -- The sun is shining!  This lifts my spirits in a major way.  I'm always amazed at how glorious the sun really is . . . when it shows up after a too-long hiatus.  Welcome to my world, Mr. Sunshine!  Please stick around for awhile, okay? 

2 -- We have reached the painting stage of the dining room re-do!  It's been a long haul, this project.  We'd be able to finish it up this weekend, but we won't be here.  (And I don't guess our dog-sitter will surprise us by painting another coat. . . )  Next week, though.  Just in time for a little gathering we have planned for next Friday.  (That's me.  Always cutting it right to the last moment no matter how much time I give myself up front.  I'll be hanging the pictures on the walls again as our guests arrive, just you watch.) 

3 -- Finally, this KnitStars thing that Ann and Kay are involved in sounds rather intriguing to me.  I like the selection of workshops, and feel like I could really learn some cool things from teachers I'd never have access to otherwise.  Still, I'm on the fence.  I haven't signed up.  (Early bird registration - with a special price - ends tomorrow.)  Thoughts?  Have any of you signed up?  Are you thinking about it?  

And that's a wrap . . . random style . . . on a Thursday.


(Carole is doing a bit of boot-stompin' down in Nashville, so there is no Three on Thursday host today.)



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Red wine notwthstanding, it looks to me as tho' you've made considerable progress with the DR redo...congratulations! Carry on...and do enjoy your weekend away, too! So delighted you have sunshine today!


Sunshine is so wonderful; painting (with wine!) is excellent, and KnitStars is so tempting. I'm going to be mulling it over for a while; I wonder if white wine goes with decision-making? :-)


You know even with a weekend away you still have plenty of time to get the DR in order. I guess you can see where I stand on this type of project. I painted the bathroom the day before my 50th birthday party.
I decided to pass on the superstar MDK. I jumped right into their Year of Techniques thinking it would be a nice refresher of Techniques with maybe some new twists. I fully intended to do one technique a month. Then some bright shiny object flew by and I’m still working on Y of T. Time to re-evaluate.
Enjoy your weekend! Here’s to more sunshine!


Oh! I am also having a little internal debate about Knit Stars as well! Perhaps we can give each other a little push and do it together!

Have an awesome weekend! XO


Sunshine & wine help with everything! Have a great weekend!


I too can't decide about Knit Stars. Hoping to hear from anyone who has done the past versions or signed up for this one.


Oh, how welcome the SUN!! We are feeling it over here, too, in every way!

A gathering of some sort has always been my best motivation to get something (such as painting) done! You're so close -- it'll be so great!!

Knit Stars is SO very tempting but my brain is about to explode! There also seems to be a strong slant toward stranded/colorwork/ITR and, much as I admire it and think I would like to do it... I don't.


Oh I would love to do the Knit Stars thing, but even with the early bird discount, it's way above what I can afford. Maybe next time, who knows?

I hope your dining room pleases you once it's all finished - I'd hate for all that work to be ending in a disappointment!


Your post made me giggle! I am sure you will get your reno done in good tim.

Juliann Phillips

I agree about red wine going with everything :)
And that Knit Stars is very tempting. I like that you can have permanent access to the classes but I still have Craftsy classes I haven't watch so I wonder if I would really follow through.
And I could buy some lovely yarn and fabric for another uniform cardigan and tunic with the $$$


I like the color you've picked (on Instagram) and the room is going to be so bright and beautiful whether the sun is shining or not! Good choice! If there are people and techniques you want to learn, and you'll follow through on many of the classes, then Knit Stars is a good opportunity. For me, it just feels like one.more.thing to be obligated to that I never quite use to its full advantage.


I signed up for Knit Stars because of MJ Mucklestone I love her work....Arne and Carlos as well, it should be a lovely diversion over the holiday season I am thinking....and just because...


Red Wine absolutely goes with EVERYthing. I love the color you chose and I'll bet you have those pictures hung in plenty of time! The timing of KnitStars isn't great for me, so I didn't consider it for more than a few minutes. But it seems like a great idea and I hope it gets traction for a summer run.

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