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Sometimes Mondays


It's Friday.  Spring is finally springing.  And I have a busy day today.  Time for some TGIF.


T - Thinking about . . . my garden, of course.  Now that it seems to be Actual Spring (instead of Calendar Spring), it's time to get out there and get busy.  I can't wait.

G - Grateful for . . . those two little early tulips in my photo above.  They are "volunteers" that hitched a ride to my garden with a hosta transplant from my mom's garden many years ago.  (You may remember that my mom loved tulips, and had a garden full of them.  These are some of an early variety she planted.  They bloomed before her other tulips even popped out of the ground.)  Anyway, every spring they've been a surprise in my garden, but now they're more like a special gift.  (Hi, Mom.)

I - Inspired by . . . the success of my dining room re-do, I am thinking ahead to another big project.  (I have one last old wallpapered room to go.  It's my upstairs bathroom, and it is awful.)  But . . . not until next year.  (See "T," above.)

F - For fun . . . we're hosting a little beer tasting gathering for some of our friends tonight.  Tom has been busy making beer all winter, and it's time we share it!

Have a great weekend.  I hope you'll be able to enjoy being outside for some of it.



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Oooo! How fun! Have an amazing time tonight! And, here is to getting back out into the yard! XOXO


Those tulips! <3
Woohoo! Another re-do!!
(Home-brewed) Beer tasting sounds so FUN!!


Your dining room looks great! Hope you have a wonderful time tonight & enjoy the weekend!


Your dining room is all set, doesn’t it always happen that one thing (renovation, clean-up, re-do, improvement) leads to another. It’s like “keeping up with the Jones” between rooms!
Beer - ah, home brew leaves lots of well-spent-grains to make a super sourdough like bread.


I love your special gift tulips! I'm often a skeptic, but they are so beautiful they just have to be a loving hello from your Mom. Happy weekend and happy beer tasting!


Have a great weekend, have a great party!


The tulips are such a wonderful taste of spring! Happy weekend!


Those tulips are so special, I'm glad you have them. If you redo the bathroom I won't even recognize the place! Have fun at your beer tasting tonight. As if I need to tell you that.


Love your Mom's tulips...so special and cheerful! Hope you had lots of fun at the beer tastin'! Sounds like a fun way to usher in the weekend and celebrate Spring's arrival...finally!


Those volunteer tulips are so beautiful. Despite a little snow last week I believe Spring has finally arrived! Looking forward to hearing about the beer tasting!!


You have so much to look forward to in the garden and the tulips are your mom's way of assuring you spring will be beautiful and full of joy. How wonderful Tom will have an (appreciative) audience for his hard winters work! No need to think about next years redo (for now) enjoy your beautiful garden and the joy of renewal both inside and out. xo


I'm so happy to see Spring finally Spring-ing up there! That beer tasting sounds like the perfect way to christen your re-done dining room - I hope you had a wonderful time!

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