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A Tiny Moment with Big Impact


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Ugh! Wallpaper removal! Back in the 80’s when we built our house I wallpapered the kitchen and living room. I loved them for quite a while but really like the clean finish of paint now. What are your plans?


Yikes! A border on the ceiling??? You've got your work cut out for you! Hope it can go as quickly as possible.


Ripping wallpaper looks like it might be oddly satisfying, but that might be because I've never done it!


No wonder you haven't tackled that job! It is HUGE! Are you keeping the wainscoting and the top trim? I can't wait to see where this project is headed!


I can't say I've ever seen a border on the ceiling! Have fun, I'm with Bonny...the ripping could be fun!


I did that in my former house and I will never, ever do it again, I'll hire someone! Good luck and I look forward to seeing the results!


Oh man, I've stripped my share of wallpaper (at least one wall in every room of the house!) but never from the ceiling!! It'll be SO WORTH IT!!


Oy... I have stripped more than my fair share of wallpaper over the years... There is no pleasant way to put it, but it is tedious work. I am hoping it all comes off with ease and you have new colors up soon! XO



HOORAY! I know that room has been bugging you for ages and I'm so proud of you for starting the project! And thanks for the shout out, too!


Just thinking about tackling that gives me apoplexy!


now THAT looks like the perfect antidote to a spring that just won't spring! (well except for the ceiling part ... that look like an invitation to falling off the ladder ;-)

gale / she shoots sheep shots

We're slowly repainting everything (slooowwwwllly) this year--it's not so fun but it feels so amazing to look at a freshly painted room (or hallway or stairs) when they are done. I'm stalled over choosing new colors for our very old (1940's) kitchen cabinets. I have to say removing wallpaper is a whole 'nother level of work though! Courage!

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