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Mud Pit in the Making

After living my whole life until last summer without the pleasure of a Bobcat in my yard, I've got another one parked out front.


As I've mentioned many times, my house is built on a rather significant hill.  On one side of our property, there is a city sidewalk that follows the slope of our yard.  So it's steep.  Like . . . really steep.  Brian and his pals used to love it for skateboarding, but it's not so much fun if you're pushing a heavy stroller or maneuvering a wheelchair.

The city finally took notice.  Because the pitch of that sidewalk was not ADA-compliant.

A couple of weeks ago, a city-representative stopped by the house to explain their plans for making it so.  Let's just say it involves a lot of digging and some sort of retaining wall.  The photo above shows the work as of Sunday.  By yesterday, a whole lot more of my yard has disappeared, and now there is a big trailer, a Bobcat, and several piles of dirt and broken sidewalk at my house.  (Because of the hill and the layout of my house, I can't see the work being done at all.  But I can hear it!  And the dogs are very aware that we have a Perimeter Breach.  I can only see what's happening when I'm in my driveway.)

I'm anxious to see how it all turns out.  For today, we have rain in the forecast.  Lots of rain, actually.  Followed by "wintry-mix" and then several inches of snow.  (Yay.  My favorite kind of April weather.)  

Can you say . . . mud pit?  (Stay tuned.)


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Trying to think of a funny joke for you Kym so you will have something to laugh about. But all I can come up with is that nothing lasts forever. And at least the upheaval isn't ruining a beautiful June day. Chloe


Those poor J-Pups! Perimeter breaches are the worst! Here is to them finishing sooner than later! XO


Oh dear! Your poor pups must be going CRAZY!!! Definitely sounds like Mud Season. Hope it's all over with quickly.


That sidewalk will be easier for you to keep clear of ice and snow... not today, but y'know, next year. We have the wintry mix thing happening right now. Blech.


We got 7" of snow on Saturday, and it started again yesterday with another 7" predicted. (Still snowing, btw.) I got stuck on a flat part of our driveway last night. All that snow may wreak havoc on our spring elections today. "Spring"? Hahahah...


This is “wait an hour” weather. Hope this work will go smoothly.


Mud pit, work stoppages, and snow! I guess they work when they can and I hope it's not too much of a mess for you and the pups. Good thing you've got them to watch over it all! :)


Oh my goodness! But the town will make it all whole again in the end, right? At least it's early in the season and I hope they will be done long before you're looking to spend time outdoors.


We're wintry mixing here as well!.And what I saw this morning doesn't bring much good to the table. I hope the J pups don't go too crazy...I can't even imagine what a long term perimeter breach would bring to Booney boy!


Oh My Goodness. Sending prayers for Patience. and A Sense of Humor. I know you have both now ... and I pray you won't run out!!


Ugh! Mud is the price of progress. It does seem like it might have been better to wait for a little better weather. I admire your sense of humor. I hope the dogs settle in for a good construction project.

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