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So I took a "personal day" yesterday and didn't blog.  Because . . . well . . . Sometimes Mondays . . . just look like the same old crap, y'know?

Same old weather.
Same old dining room project.
Same old cup of morning coffee.

Yeah.  I was not in a positive, thoughtful kind of mood.
To tell you the truth, I was grumpy.
As in G.R.U.M.P.Y.

I tried all my tricks to de-grump.  I had a nice cup of tea and thought about gratitude.  I journaled.  I meditated.  I did some yoga stretches.  I went to the gym and kick-boxed.  I knit a little and drew a little and talked to my sister on the phone.  I ran some errands and crossed things off my to-do list.  I even took a nap.

Nothing worked.
Still grumpy.

I've decided it's because this. . . 


Crap weather.
Continuing north winds.
For days.

I've really tried to be a good sport about all y'all's buds-and-blooms pictures.  And at first, when they started popping up on blogs and Instagram, it gave me hope.  But now, they just depress me.  Because we don't have buds on our trees yet.  No forsythia blooms are ready to explode here.  There is not a sign of life on my lilacs.  (I know.  I have had crocus blooms.  And I am grateful.  Because I know many of you further north have only snow-and-more-snow and what-am-I-even-whining-about.) (But still.)

Then!  Then. . . I saw photos of some of y'all wearing spring shoes.  And even flip-flops.  Bright pedicures reflecting the sun!  And I am still wearing boots.  (And don't even get me started on the whole sitting-on-the-patio-furniture-OUTSIDE-while-sipping-drinks situation.

It was too much.  It sent me over the edge of despair!

I'm working on it.  
I'm trying to be positive.  
To be grateful.  
To turn that frown . . . upside down. 
Because I know spring will get here, too.  (Eventually.)  The winds will switch direction at some point.  The sun will shine.  A couple of warm days will bring those buds out, nice as can be.  And the blooms will come.  And I'll be able to get the flip-flops out.

On my way to the gym this morning, I even glimpsed a little sliver of blue sky, trying it's best to peek out.


(I took this photo at a long red light.  No worries.)

Of course, by the time I was at the gym, it was snowing like crazy and that little sliver was long gone.  But I saw it there.  For just a minute.  (It looked like . . . hope.)

On my way home, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some spring blooms to take home.


I'll make my OWN spring, damnit!



Icing on the cake:  Tom and I have a little get-away planned for this weekend.  He'll be curling in a bonspiel, and he asked me to come along -- because it's in a really fun place that we both love to visit.  Traverse City, Michigan.  Up north.  Where it's snowed like . . . 100 inches or so in the last 5 days.

(I know.) 




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DITTO! All of that. Every spec. :/

My book club has a get-away planned for weekend-after-next in Door County... and I sure hope there's a whole lotta melting going on between now and then.


I guess if there are no bonspiels in the Bahamas this weekend, Traverse City is the next best place! Sending you warm and hopeful thoughts for actual warmth, sunshine, buds, and spring - SOON!


the weather has sucked the big one in Massachusetts too - but a bright spot USA Women 1 and 2 in the Boston Marathon yesterday - with all that RAIN and WIND....we are strong USA Women...and Spring has to come eventually - or maybe we will go right into SUMMER this year :)


These endless cold, gray, snowy days have been getting me down too! I'm hoping for some nice spring weather soon!


You certainly have a right to be GRUMPY according to moi. This winter thing is really dragging on way too long. enjoy your weekend in Traverse City (and be thankful you don't live where it has snowed that much in the past week!).

PS We leave to go camping on Thursday...I just looked at radar on my phone and it is snowing just west of Harrisburg. West is the direction we are heading....


Ha! I'll be with my from Frankfurt but married to the guy from Traverse City this weekend. I do wish your grumpiness would go away...but I get it. This weather is hard. We're living pretty much the same pattern and I thought Doug was going to jump off a cliff on Sunday! xoxoxo


Can't they plan a bonspiel somewhere warm?! We've had some blossoming, and a warm day here and there, certainly no winter weather to the degree you have dealt with, but still, day after day it's gray and cold. Today we have snow, too! PLUS, our grocery stores have nothing like your beautiful bouquet score. We hear the next few days should bring in warmer temps and even more sun! I hope that means it's headed your way!!


Oh, I am envious! Blow kisses to my kiddos while you are there - and drink some good beers! I just love the TC Micro-brew - in all their many and varied places!

I know saying "this too shall pass" would be something my mother would say...and yeah, it had that same effect on me! I say we all give Winter the heave-ho and maybe he will get the hint!

Have fun XOXO


Grumpy is allowed, even encouraged...get it outta our systems and smile at even the tiniest bit o' a friend of mine oft quoted : "nothing lasts forever," as in weather, etc. And yes, Mother Nature does redeem herself tho' this year, she's awfully slow!

I think a bouquet of flowers is the best tonic...and I too need to replace mine...Do enjoy your getaway and perhaps spring will have arrived when you return!


I grew up in Northern Illinois, not far from the Wisc border. My mom had fake/silk/plastic flowers (tulips, iris, crocus etc) that she would bring out each year about the end of January. She attached stryrofoam to a wall in the first house and then at the bottom of the picture window in the kitchen of the second house. (Don't remember how she did the first one.) She filled the stryrofoam with the flowers. It certainly brightened the room until there were flowers outside. Then they came down and went back in their bags in the basement until the next winter. Sometimes you just have to make your own spring.


I get it. We have had so much rain and it takes all my energy not to get sucked into the grumpiness. Those flowers are lovely.


Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow. And give yourself permission to be as grumpy as you wanna be. Endless bad weather can get to anyone. Chopping veggies for a salad tends to help me feel better. Maybe you have something like that.


Since we’ve been in Nashville it’s been winter, spring and summer in a matter of days! The wintery weather was rough since I didn’t bring a coat! (Bad traveler).


There ought to be a movie "Grumpy Old Women", or more so "Grumpy Middle Aged Women"?
Yes, winter and spring seem cantankerous this year - everything I read, it is something different and all over the US not just where it ought to be winter or spring. I agree with the old saying, 'make do with what you got' but sometimes it's just easier to be grumpy about it first.


Girl, you crack me up! seriously laughing out loud and Marc asked what's up?! of course I mean all that in the nicest way. I love that you share your sense of humor with us when I know you're screaming on the inside. I hope you find all the ways to be warm and cozy and enjoy winter this weekend. maybe that's what Spring is waiting for :-) (and if you don't feel it - maybe fake it and Spring will come anyway?)

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