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I'm not quite sure how this even happened.  

I mean. . . the roads around town are a MESS after the winter.  Giant potholes.  Open canyons down the center of lanes.  Huge chunks just out of the roads altogether.  Washboards.  We're driving on washboards.

But here in my neighborhood . . . pretty much tucked away and not traveled except by the people who live here and the people who visit the people who live here . . . we've got this going on:


Yep.  Our perfectly fine, pothole-free, entirely drive-on-able neighborhood streets are being completely resurfaced.

Right now.
This week.


We've got scrapers and dumptrucks and smoothers and all manner of beeping back-up vehicles clogging our streets.

We even have a couple of sign-guys.  Which is kind of humorous . . . because we don't really have much traffic here, and I think we can all figure it out, y'know?  


(This guy hasn't directed a single car in the hour I've been keeping watch.)  (His partner at the top of the hill did nearly fall over with grand gestures trying to get me to turn left . . . when I was just trying to turn right into my driveway.)  (Really, Guy.  This is my driveway.)

So.  Here we are.  Major street hassle in the 'hood.

I don't know how this is a priority, given the state of the main roads.

But there you go.

Don't ask.


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Maybe they need some practice before they start on the tough jobs, or more likely, it's because of some stupid bureaucratic decision. My condolences on incessant beeping and diesel fumes; I hope they're done soon.


Omg, lmao! And, let me guess - the J-pups are besides themselves? Non? XOXO


Urggggghhhhhh....that would tick me off a bit! I hope there are kids and bikes and scooters that will make the most of that brand new tar!


After being a selectman for 2.5 weeks I can already tell you: the ways of the government are strange, perhaps more so on the local level!


I bet that poor guy had no one to direct all day.


Yeah, don't get me started... on many fronts in this whole scenario. I hope they finish quickly!


"It was on the schedule"...and we all needed a huge laugh! Sorry for your inconvenience (she sez, tongue in cheek). Too funny!



oh geez. I hope they finish quickly, so they can get on to the real priorities (and out of your neighborhood)!


They get funding for one thing that doesn't need fixing and they are focused on PROVING that they do SOMETHING even if it is SOMETHING that doesn't need fixing. That's "govment" for you.


Looks like your street is in the paving rotation this year. Having worked at our state DOT many, many years ago it is a complicated web of which level is responsible.

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