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A Different Kind of Finished Project

I have been waiting for this day for . . . almost 15 years now.

But, y'know, the task is just not much fun.  And I had a hard time settling on a color.  And then, well . . . I just could never line up the time to do it.  Not during gardening season.  Or during the Up North months.  And certainly not during the holidays.  Or probably right after, either.  Because recovering.

So, really.  It had to happen in . . . April.



I'm pleased to announce that my dining room re-do is finally finished!

Wallpaper removed.
Walls prepped.
Primer applied.
Walls prepped again.
Paint.  Paint.  Paint.


It was truly a family project.  Although Tom and I did all the physical work, everyone else was involved in some way.  Remotely, the kids weighed in on color and design elements, with Brian suggesting we rethink the chair rail altogether.  My dad provided advice and general cheerleading support.  And my sister helped me choose the paint color (thanks to the magic of technology).

I wish we could all gather to celebrate!  (We'll have to do that remotely, too, I'm afraid.)


I'm so pleased -- and so happy to finally be able to cross this project off my to-do list.

(Click here for the "before" shots.)

(Yikes!  So much better now.)


Just a reminder:  Tomorrow (April 26) is Poem in Your Pocket day.  Share your favorite!