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Unraveling . . . Life

So, I'm still knitting away on my little mitered squares project . . . 


It's fun.  It's easy.  It's slow.  I like playing with the colors.  It's a great way to (finally) use all the Koigu I've had rolling around in my stash for oh-so-long.  And it's rhythmic.

Which gives me time to think as I knit.

And as I stitch, I've come to see that this project is actually a pretty good metaphor . . . for life!


  • Life plays out on a neutral background.  There are plenty of colorful bits, and every now and again a bright pop of color.  But's it's the ordinary, everydayness of neutral that holds it all together.

  • Balance is essential.  Too many pops of color in one place throw the balance off . . . making you crave more of the neutral, that more ordinary rhythm of things.


  • Building a strong foundation makes for structural integrity.  Yes, it takes a long time to build that foundation, but once it's there, you know you can make anything happen.

  • Focus is the key.  When you want to get something done, chip away at it a little bit every day.  One stitch at a time . . . adds up.


  • A colorful life is a messy life.  Regular maintenance - and cleaning up your messes as you go - can keep things humming right along though.

  • Risk is good.  Don't be afraid to make a mess.  It's fun.  And besides, once it starts coming all together, no one will see the mistakes, the missteps, the crookedness . . . except you.  Perfection is over-rated.

  • Life is about resilience.  Sometimes you have to re-think and adapt.  Problem-solving is a good thing.  It makes us stronger and it keeps our brains supple.  (And that's a story for another Unraveled Wednesday.)   (Just sayin.)

What are you unraveling today?  (In knitting or in life. . . )


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Oh, I love this post! It is so true! I love how your project is growing! XO


Perfection is waaaaay over-rated! Great post Kym and the project is coming along nicely!


Beautiful progress Kym. And indeed perfection is over-rated!! I've been enjoying (luxuriating even) in a slower pace recently. Everything is much more enjoyable that way.


You bring metaphors to life in such beautiful and visual ways. You have brought to life the hows and wherefores of good living!


You have written one of my favorite posts ever! Even when I'm being introspective while knitting, I've never come up with such perfect associations with life. I'm printing this one out and keeping it in my knitting bag!


I love this post and the way you presented this metaphor. And the squares are beautiful!


All I can add is WOW! Lots and lots of food for thought. Love the cadence, the insights, the metaphor...I'm with Bonny: this one's a keeper, for sure.


Lovely metaphor and lovely knitting. Thanks for such a thoughtful post.


So True, Kym. I wish I could chip away daily on cleaning out my overstuffed drawers, but it seems to be a quarterly affair. Maybe with knitting I can get those little Koigu squares adding up. I thought I was the only one who had a mini-drawer full of them.


Loving that!! All of it true! That wrap is going to be amazing.


I LOVE "a colorful life is a messy life" - it has taken me many years to get comfortable with color AND mess ... and some days I'm still drawn to plain ol' black and white!


Every one of your thoughts is spot-on! Plus, your wrap is lovely.

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