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I have many little treasures in my house.  Little somethings that bring me joy.  Like this tiny spinning wheel.


My great-grandfather made this little treasure.  He was quite handy with wood -- a furniture-maker by trade.  This tiny spinning wheel was in my great-grandmother's room on a shelf when I was a little girl, and I always admired it.  (The treadle works to make the wheel go round and round.)  (This is the same great-grandmother who taught me to stitch.  You know . . . the one who didn't blink an eye when I stitched my work to my skirt?)

When my great-grandmother died, the spinning wheel went to my dad.  And when my dad downsized last year, it came to live with me.

I love seeing it there, on my bookshelf in my library.


Such a treasure!



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That is wonderful and I love the story behind it, too.


I loved seeing it on your blog. The memories that go with it are truly treasures.


its special to have treasures from family


Wow! I love it! What an incredible blessing that little spinning wheel is! Creative families are just the best thing ever! XO


That is a very special spinning wheel! I love your great-grandfather's attention to detail and that it lives in your home now. A treasure well worth dusting!


What a beautiful piece Kym. A real treasure for sure.


That little spinning wheel and the story of how it came to you is a real treasure!


Oh what a great story! Your great grandfather was a talented man. I too have a miniature spinning wheel. Although it’s story is not quite as special as yours.


I have a tiny little spinning wheel like that!! It's story isn't nearly as fascinating or personal as yours, though! Junah recently discovered it and likes to make it go (sometimes rather unconventionally).


Thank you for the story.


That is a tiny treasure with such a special story. Thank you.


It's so tiny! Thank you for showing the books for perspective! What a lovely family treasure, one worth keeping!


Those treasures are the best! I have a set of porcelain boots my grandmother put small plant cuttings in to root and I treasure them. I'm glad it has survived in working order all these years and arrived at your home at last.


that is TINY! very cool that it really spins and I LOVE the story behind it. a treasure for sure!

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