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The Sparkle Bonus

We have three stained glass windows in our house.  One is embedded in a cabinet in the kitchen, and two of them are in a corner of our bathroom.


They are definitely a unique feature - and I wish I knew their story.  But I don't.  (It's one of those things I wish I'd asked the sellers about the house - they were the original owners and had the house built to their specs.  But I never even thought to ask at the time.)

When we moved in, and up until 3 years ago when we did The Great Bathroom Renovation (because the shower leaked), the bathroom was covered in busy, dark wallpaper and had dark carpet on the floor.  I would notice the stained glass windows, but not much -- because the room was so dark and rather like a cave.

Something totally unexpected happened, though, after our renovation.  We replaced the carpet with a light, neutral color and removed that dark wallpaper, substituting a soft neutral shade on the walls.  We also replaced an old and unused jacuzzi tub with a "fitness corner" that includes my meditation spot.  So, the bathroom was suddenly light, open, and . . . sparkly!

Because in the morning, when the sun is shining, my stained glass windows do these three things:

1 - They reflect the bright colors of the windows on the floor (which move across the room as the position of the sun changes through the morning).


2 - They create dancing rainbows on the carpet (because those small circles in the window are prisms).


3 - They create a moving lightshow on the walls.


It's magical!

I love walking into the bathroom on sunny mornings.  It never gets old.

And to think . . . we lived with this for 12 years before discovering it!  The dark wallpaper and carpet completely hid the beauty and magic of those windows.  We only discovered it when we lightened up the room in the Great Bathroom Renovation.

I call it . . . the Sparkle Bonus!


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Beautiful! I love it! That is just amazing looking!


This one made me homesick. The house I grew up in (built in 1865) had a design of prisms in the window in the front hall, and colored glass inserts in the door next to it. I loved watching the rainbows crawl across the floor and looking at the world through red or gold or lavender glass. Thanks for the memories!


That's gorgeous and creates the perfect setting for meditation, I think.

Jeannie Gray

I'm a little homesick now too! We didn't have stained glass windows, but Mom had prisms hanging from most of the windows so our house had that sparkly rainbow effect. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :)


And to think the previous owners didn't make the most of those windows when they started it all! What a bright and beautiful world you've got there!


That is SO COOL!!


Sparkly rainbows and beautiful colors are indeed magical! It would be lovely to meet you in person someday, and if that would ever happen, I would definitely want to visit your bathroom for the morning!


Sparkle bonus—you deserve it!


Oh! How lovely! As Carole says, definitely a perfect place to meditate! Glad you decided to renovate. Smart move!


Bonus indeed. Beautiful.


Disco bath!


It is a beautiful space, Kym ... I love those dancing rainbows!


I have no words, exquisitely beautiful.


What a gorgeous spot Kym! Perfect for meditating. I guess this is one time I might say the leaky shower was worth it - lol. Thanks for sharing.


That could not be a more beautiful bonus and the prisms sparkling across the wall is one of the more magical things I've ever seen. How wonderful to spend time meditating in this glorious spot.

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