THAT Time of Year
Sometimes Mondays


No matter what kind of week it is, I'm always happy to see Friday roll around!


It's time for some TGIF!

T - Thinking About . . . gardening, of course.  It's still far, far too cold to do any work in the garden, and there certainly isn't much joy to be found in looking at it right now.  But you can be sure I'm doing a lot of thinking about it!  In fact, I'm really thinking about this . . . 


(Which looks like this once things kick into gear. . . )


I need to move the path.  Which means . . . moving plants and the small pond.  (We relocated Garden Buddha last fall.)  This portion of my garden has been in a holding pattern for a couple of years now -- while I've focused efforts on other areas.  In the meantime, the garden has overgrown the path, and it's causing lots of "flow" problems.  It's time for some changes -- but it's gonna be complicated!  (Tom is readying his digging tools already.)  I'm doing a lot of thinking. . . 

G - Grateful For . . . a change in plans.  A friend canceled our lunch date scheduled for today, and I am grateful for an unexpected break in my day.  (We'll catch up another day.)

I - Inspired By . . . signs of spring.  That crooked picture of the blue sky out my window at the top of this post?  Well, I took it yesterday as I was lying on my couch, waking up from a 20-minute refresher-nap.  (This time change has hit me hard.  I've been exhausted all week.)  I woke up, and there was that lovely blue sky!  And I've seen some barely-appearing buds on a few trees this week.  And my crocus are up - although not quite blooming yet.  (Because cold.  It is very cold here right now.)  Spring is coming - and I'm inspired.

F - Fun . . . Tom and I went to Bell's for dinner-and-a-beer the other night, and Tom ended up purchasing grain for another batch of beer.  As he was using the equipment there to grind the grain . . . 


I was having fun reading the signs on the wall.  Here's my favorite. . . 


TGIF, my friends!  Have a great weekend.


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I've been thinking about gardening also; only another couple weeks before I start vegetable seeds! I've been tempted to take a nap almost every day this week, but I'm afraid I'd sleep for two hours and make things worse. I SO want to go live in that universe!


What a fabulous sign! I think that's a place where we (knitters/bloggers) would all be happy! I've been exhausted this week too. The time change doesn't usually impact me, but maybe because it has been so cold and grey and...relentless...unending...Spring needs to come. The blue sky helps. It is very sunny here today, but also bitter cold.

Fletch uncovered the garlic bed this week (took all the leaf mulch off) and green shoots are up. Inside we have carnival peppers (mildly hot and colorful) and sungold cherry tomatoes started. Also cat grass, for Tyg:) He plans to soak sugar snap seeds this weekend and plant them on Sunday. I'm hoping it's not too early...but he always has luck, so I'm not really worried.


The garden is occupying my mind as well! Dinner discussions are all about expanding areas and moving things. I mentioned a pond and some fish and Steve's eyes rolled back in his head! LOL

Have a good weekend! And, I agree with that framed quote, can we all just move there please? XO


I wholeheartedly agree with your Friday sentiment!! Yahoo! It looks like we'll have a little warm up over the weekend, too. It's so great that Tom is so willing to dig stuff up for you!! ;)


Smith is starting tomatoes today and we've been planning other beds, readying seeds and thinking through what we need. The patio is coming together, too. It has been raining so all planning sessions have been indoors! Drat. If that parallel universe exists I would like to BE there now!


I admire your ambition! We really, really need to thin beds this spring. Perhaps I'll suggest a new bed for the relocation. Have a wonderful weekend Kym and Tom!


Fun post...don't you just love a Palladian window? We included two when we built the addition! I'm not a gardener, by any stretch, but I'm planning on doing some "container-ing" this spring...and I see evidence that my lilies are peeking thru...
Enjoy the weekend.


Sometimes getting a “free” day is just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy! And have a great weekend.


We all seem to have spring ideas in our heads. I too was thinking of planting some sugar snap peas, and more lettuces for under my cold-frame soon. And scoping the veggie catalogues, and dreaming.
My hubby used to make beer and I would use some of the spent grains to mash up for my sourdough bread dough. Beer-y bread, so fragrant. It's hard to get some spent grain these days, those beer makers are on a different schedule than me.
The sign is great . . . and so wishfully true.


That sign is awesome! I'm dreaming of gardening, too, but first we have to get rid of all this snow!


My little garden is still buried under 10" of snow. ::sob::


I always love following your gardening journey ... and now I'm enjoying Tom and the beer, too! don't think anyone in my family is going to brew their own, but we are 100% behind that sign!

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