Hurray for Hollywood
Shaking It Up

Sometimes Mondays

. . . are bleary.  

Especially if you watched the Oscars until the bitter end!  (It is so brutal when you're watching in the Eastern time zone, y'know?)

Thank goodness there is coffee!


I hope your Monday is off to a great start.


This week, Michelle is offering a 5-day self-portrait challenge.  Check it out!  Her challenges are always thoughtful -- and fun, besides.  You can also follow along on Instagram at #turnthelensonself.



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I did not stay up late to watch the Oscars but Monday’s are generally a bit bleary here too. Looking forward to Michelle’s challenge this week.


I didn't watch, but am very, very sleepy this a.m. Hope your coffee helps!!


I hear you and recommend a second cup! Here is to a easy Monday XO


Yay coffee!! Here's to smooth sailing today.


But it was a great show and totally worth staying up to watch!


I watched an hour plus but have the rest taped. I'm also in on Michelle's challenge!


Didn't watch Oscars but did see two of the movie contenders - a first for me in a zillion years!
Yep, joining Michelle this week...


I had to google the words I could make out on your coffee cup -- what a great quote!


Great quote on your mug. We didn't need to stay up too late, which made it easier to watch to the end. I was very happy with the winner! Here it is Tuesday! Hope your Monday was a good one.

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