Bloomin' Friday: Early Spring Edition
The Color of Gratitude

Sometimes Mondays

. . . begin with stillness.


"Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen -- that stillness becomes a radiance."
                                                                                                ---Morgan Freeman

I hope your week is off to a great start!


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Stillness is good. I try to have a few mi items of quiet and pause before I start my day. Happy monday


I savor those few moments of stillness at the start of the day. I have been thinking about how to incorporate that same feeling throughout the day - but have been highly unsuccessful in achieving it. Great thoughts on the process! Thank you! XO


What a wonderful quote! And a beautiful picture. Have a great week Kym!


that's beautiful, Kym - I know all my days are better when they begin with a few still, quiet moments!


I second Kat! I'm not bad at being still while meditating, reading, or knitting peacefully in the evening, but I'm really not doing very well cultivating stillness in the hospital or the lawyer's office. I have to keep reminding myself to "Return to the breath ..."


That's a great way to start any day.


What a lovely spot. And it's we go!


It's gonna be a great week!! :)


My first reaction was “get real, I’ve got a lot to do.” Then I read the commenters reactions and reread your post and then thought “get real, it never hurts to,find your center.” Thanks!


Mornings are my favorite part of a day. A days newness, it's expanding light, the joy of life ahead. Being still and gratefulness is a good way to start a day.


Mornings and stillness are my absolute. favorites. I think I could throw Morgan Freeman into to the mix, too!

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