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Shaking It Up

I'm taking another drawing class this semester.  This time, it's a colored pencil technique class, and the whole point is to stretch our drawing in new directions.

Here is a little something I did in class last week.  It's a Lake Michigan sunset using wax-based colored pencils on sandpaper.  


Yep.  Sandpaper.

Sometimes it's good to just shake things up a bit and try something completely unexpected.  
In art and in life!


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Sandpaper???!!!??? That just sounds weird....and shaken up. I do love your picture - so very, very pretty.


Wow! I thought it was a photograph!


How fun! Colored pencils are my favorite art medium. I have a set of watercolor pencils somewhere. Might be fun to play with them a bit.


Nice! So curious how you covered the grain so completely in the top section.


Sandpaper & watercolor interesting. At first I thought your gorgeous picture was a photo...amazing!

kim in oregon

That is breathtakingly beautiful!!!!!


You are amazingly talented. Love the drawing, the texture of the sandpaper really does add something.


Oh, Kym, that is lovely! Go you!! I've seen pastel work on similar paper -- it's amazing what a little "tooth" can do.


Wow! That's awesome and what a great way to stretch your drawing abilities. Go you!


So I wonder how your pencils hold up on such a rough surface. The drawing looks like a photograph! You have so many great art class opportunities in your area.


Wow! On my iPad your drawing looks like a photograph. Very beautiful!

Cheryl S.

That's beautiful! I love the texture.


Simply wonderful! Wish we were sitting there with a glass of wine discussing the beauty!


Very beautiful. My daughter and I have been talking about how interesting it is that large bodies of water take on the color of the sky. You captured the lake edge so well.


ahhh - that's a view I haven't seen in real life, but I'm not sure it could be any better than your lovely drawing. beautiful, Kym!


No wonder you take art lessons, something that has never occurred to me. You have a natural talent, Kym. Hard to believe it is not a photograph.


Holy cow! What? You continually surprise me and in such amazing ways! XO


Cannot imagine drawing on sandpaper, but you did a wonderful job. That view of Lake Michigan is lovely. You have talent.

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