Downright Pavlovian
THAT Time of Year

No Actual Unraveling

Knitting has been slow, but somewhat steady.


The base tier is taking shape.

It's nice, relaxing, mindful knitting.  Except for the flip side.


Yeah.  Trying to deal with that mess every four squares or so.

No rush.  No hurry.  No stress.
And - best of all - no unraveling!


How about you?  What'cha making?

And be sure to check out the links in the comments over at Kat's for more unraveled posts.


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Wow, you are making excellent progress! I love how it is looking thus far!


I had to unravel a bunch of rows of Jack's Baby Surprise Jacket yesterday because I messed up the increases. I'm back on track now, though!


I am kind of bored with my sweater and think I must cast on something new this week. It will probably be a shawl and one of my springy colored skeins. Stay tuned.

Jeannie Gray

Oh wow! Your shawl is going to be gorgeous! I've been knitting a mitered square blanket since 2015 and now I'm thinking of abandoning it once again so that I can knit a shawl. As for weaving in the ends.... I DREAD it but once I start weaving them in, I find it oddly satisfying. I've been weaving my ends every 50 blocks or so. Can't wait to see how your shawl progresses.


Oh yes, weave in as you go is the only way to stay sane, but the shawl is going to be so amazing.


That is going to be gorgeous! I would have to periodically weave them in as I would drive me crazy to do it all at the end!


Oh yeah. That's the downside to any scrappy project!! It sounds like you have a plan, though. I tend to save them all for last... it usually takes a while to get in the mood, but once I start it's full steam ahead and done!

What am I making? Hardly anything, it seems. I can't remember the last time I had knitting needles in my hand... been doing a little bit of embroidery on my AC Car Jacket.


I LOVE it! There is just the right amount of color but they're all tied together with the border. The square with the red and then the yellow center is great! Maybe a glass of wine will help with the weaving in of ends when you're in the mood. Happy mindful knitting!


Very, very pretty! I would have to weave in as I go (which I'm doing on my scrappy blanket...or should say was doing...I haven't touched that in months!). Sometimes that kind of knitting (and weaving) can be so meditative.


All of these good girls weaving in as they go along put me to shame. I’d probably have a shawl with strings hanging out as a design element haha! I am knitting a shawl (Drachenfels) with three colors and different striping plans for the colors as it goes along.


It's gonna look so pretty!

I weave in the ends at the end of each "session" I spend working on mine. That way there's not that much to dread ...


T'will be a treat and all those loose ends of yarn would stop me dead in my appear to really have it all under control and yay for not having to unravel anything. Knit on!


That is going to be pretty. Shawl? Scrap Blanket? You may have posted by I can't remember it. I don't know why but I find weaving in ends to be meditative.


The magic of mitered squares!


oh man, I'm not sure I have it in me to address that backside - but GO YOU!

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