Treasure Box
Cutting the Cord?

Equipment Failure

There are so many ways of unraveling.


Sometimes, you pick up your knitting.
Notice a rough spot on the tip of your needle.
Take a closer look.
Maybe try to just flick a little something you see there on the tip.
And . . . OOPS.



How about you?  What are you working on this week?


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Arrgh! I hate when that happens!


Oh no! What a bummer... do you have a spare??
LOVING the way that project is looking, by the way.


Oh no! I do like your yarn colors.


Hope you can have another on hand or can get one soon! The project is looking very nice!


At least it didn't happen mid row! Those squares are looking gorgeous, by the way.


Rut ro! Beautiful project there Kym!


That's going to be gorgeous. Bummer about the breakage, though. I suppose metal needles would be too slick for that yarn?


Re-read the other posts and realized my vocabulary was unintentionally repetitive. So... that's going to be STUNNING. TOO BAD about the. Breakage. :-). Funny how we are often subliminally affected by others. Good luck on the rest of your project, Kym. Sally Melville is one of my favorite designers.


Ugh! This usually happens when there is no spare in that size. Your project is looking quite lovely. Are you choosing Your colors randomly or is there a master plan?


My husband calls that unknotting. Do you need to get to the yarn store?


The project is quite lovely even if the needles aren't cooperating. I hope you have a spare pair or can get to a nearby yarn shop. Of course, one could always cast on another project . . . .


Oh that is so annoying - though as Carole said, at least is wasn't mid-row!


Well, crap! Here's hoping you have a spare. I had to switch to Chiaogoo metal after I broke too many wooden needles.


Yikes! That would have really pissed me off! As others noted, thank goodness it wasn't mid-row.


well that's a Darn It! hope you had another needle waiting in the wings!


SO sad! And especially if you didn't have an extra needle ready to hand. I hate it when I'm deeply involved in a project, and I'm thwarted by a functional problem like that.


The cable separated from the tip of my Knit Picks Options circ while I was working on my Carbeth. (Those KP Options are prone to that failure. Luckily, KP is good about replacing them.) A few stitches fell off, but I managed to recover, whew.

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