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Bloomin' Friday: Early Spring Edition

I am happy to report that we have no snow on the ground.

We have sunshine and blue skies.

Don't get all excited, though.  We also have cold north winds.  And they've been blowing for a few weeks now.  
(Apparently, the same weather pattern that is sending nor'easter after tedious nor'easter to the east coast is keep those cold north winds blowing here.)  

So it's cold.  Bitterly cold.  
(Which is such a rip-off when the sun is shining so brightly, y'know?)

Not much blooming on this sunny, cold Friday.  
(Even the crocus are staying pretty much in tight bud right now, holding out for just a bit of warmth.)

Outside, that is.
Inside, though?  That's another story.  Because I've got blooms!


The last blast from my amaryllis crop.


And my "Christmas" cactus . . . blooming at Easter time.  
(As it does.)  

Hope you've got something blooming in your world!
Happy Friday.


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We have had colder than normal temps which makes it hard because we see sun and we think warm. I am dressing in layers.


I've have TWO bouquets of tulips in my house right now and they are making me very happy. Our sun is shining and the snow is melting, I can't wait until it's just GONE.


What a joyous sight - no snow and blooms! That amaryllis is just as beautiful as all the others you've had during amaryllis fest, and I always love to see Christmas cactus blossoms, even at Easter. Wishing you more blooms, warming temperatures, and less wind.


A despicable 21 degrees this morning as I gave Boone a walk around the block! But, as in your home we have the technology and I was plenty warm. :-) What a gorgeous bloom you've got there...I've been keeping tulips the last few weeks and will pick up a bunch on my way home today. (And a bunch to gift per Carole's instructions!) Have a wonderful weekend Kym!


So beautiful! I've been closely watching for even a sign that things are beginning around here -- just a plump little bud? But nope. Your amaryllis are divine.


Christmas cacti have a mind of their own! Your flowers are lovely and I hope the outdoor flowers pick up the beauty at just the right time.


I don't think I've ever had a Christmas cactus that bloomed at Christmas!! but no mater - they are always beautiful. Sorry about your northern winds. They can be brutal!

The snow has covered our crocus that were blooming. But I've got a pot of daffodils on my desk (we were all given them yesterday at work). Sunny and cheerful. Hope your weekend is a fun one.


It is howling cold winds here too! But that sun! I will take it! It is so welcome! Have an awesome weekend!


Your amaryllis is still putting on a show ... and an Easter-blooming Cactus is my favorite!


I have a few hardy crocus, but most everything will pop forth next week when we expect 60s. My Christmas cactus is growing leaves by the boatload, but no blossoms. I hope the new growth portends a boom in blossoms next November. I can't believe you still have an amazing amaryllis to watch. How wonderful!!


Your blooms are lovely. My Christmas cactus is also blooming although not as profusely as it does in November. I noticed that despite the thirty degree weather the chives are up about five inches and a few daffodils have very young green buds. Spring will come.


Only the blooms from my "store bought" flowers...and I'm lovin' each one!
Your amaryllis is lovely and congrats on the Christmas cactus. Better late than never!

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