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A Post-Unraveled Project

So.  What does a knitter do after unraveling a disastrous project?


Well.  This knitter picked up her Alabama Chanin stitching and made spitty-raspberries at all things knitting for a few days.  

But then, I decided to let it go; that maybe a project like this would take the edge off a bit.  

This project is fun to knit, leaves plenty room for creativity and color-play, and - best of all - feels kind of fast.  (It's also a great way to use up all those single skeins of Koigu I've been hoarding with absolutely no plan in mind.)

How about you?  What are you making today?




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You my friend, are brilliant! Mary and I were just talking about this very thing this morning! Gorgeous! XO


Wow, that's a really awesome and unique pattern. I just wound up my homespun and I'm about to swatch for Jack's BSJ.


oooohhhh, I'm loving this! I'm completely smitten with the pattern and shared it with a girlfriend today - this might be our group KAL for the fall. Look forward to seeing how yours progresses, because YES! this does seem the perfect project to recover from that last one :-)


I’m still plugging away on my Birkin, resisting the call of new projects


Oh yours looks pretty! I have one started, but am currently trying to get a baby sweater finished before I lose my mojo on it. Fortunately, it's going pretty quickly, so hopefully it will be finished in the next week or so.




This looks fun, creative, a perfect item to wear and enjoy most of the year. The design is a perfect way to play with skeins of Koigu, of which I also have many. But, I'm dedicated to my sleeve or this sweater will never be.

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