On Cleaning Out More Than Just Closets: A Focus Post
Snow for Days

Unraveling on a Wednesday

No actual unraveling around here this week . . . just lots of nitty-picky, fiddly knitting that I can't blog about because Gift.  (Tune in next week, and I'll show you.)

I did finish something I CAN show you, though . . . 


It's a very heavy cowl (free pattern courtesy of Churchmouse Yarn & Teas).  At first, I thought it was maybe too heavy for me to wear, but I gave it a spin yesterday while running errands.  It was perfectly comfortable and kept me warm on a very cold, snowy day.  

(You can find all the details here - on my Ravely page.)

Now, I'm looking forward to knitting my way through the Olympics.  I joined . . . 

Team rules schmules

(Because who needs rules when it comes to knitting?)  

I think I'll knit a sleeve.

How about you?  Are you planning to knit through the Olympics?


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I’m not sure there will be too much Olympic watching but I am in the thick of two sweaters, a hat, and getting ready to cast on a shawl. And, I love your hair! I need a haircut


That cowl is gorgeous! Great color for you! And, I am so glad you are on the team! GO Rules Schmules! Hahaha XOXO


What a fantastic color!! (Also, I love your fun earrings.) I knit a simple bulky cowl a few years ago and it's one of my winter Go-Tos... it sort of relaxes a bit with the wearing, which I imagine yours also did. And warm. Yay!! Welcome to the team! :)


Beautiful! Love the color and it looks fabulous on you with your fun earrings and great hair!


I've been considering the team as well. I have some squares I really need to finish and heck with no rules maybe I have a chance! Love the cowl and the earrings! xo


While a quick look at others’ comments, I saw a mention about your earrings. My focus was on the cowl and I didn’t even notice them—scary!


Great photo; cowl AND earrings! I doubt we'll watch much of the Olympics other than the the ice skating. Happy knitting .


Very pretty cowl and earrings. I probably won't watch too much of the Olympics and plan to keep working on projects in process. Come to think of it, I might be knitting a sleeve also.


Love the cowl - that's a fabulous color! I'm going to start a sweater for my Olympic knitting. I'm looking forward to it so much!


I like your cowl, it's a great color! I will be knitting myself the Taproot cowl while I watch the Winter Olympics. I love watching the ice skating!


That cowl is lovely; I predict it's going to get at least a little more wear this season (sorry!). Of course I'll be knitting through the Olympics!


That color looks fabulous on you and the style of the cowl is very cozy. i would have thought it too heavy, too but it works! I'm sleeving along, too (even though I probably won't watch much TV.)! Here's to a completed sleeve and some fun alonging!

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