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The Burning Question


I'll admit it.


I jumped on the Carbeth bandwagon.

(But not without a lot of measuring, calculating, thinking, and swatching.) 

The burning question remains, though:  Can an almost-59-year-old woman (who does not own a charming, plaid kilt by the way) pull off wearing a cropped pullover???

(Tune in next week to find out.)  (Because this sweater really does fly off the needles.)


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That yarn is gorgeous, and I believe the answer is a resounding yes (in case you want to take a look:


OH man! I laughed out loud with glee! I LOVE THE COLOR! It is awesome! And, you will look stunning!

I was actually thinking the Carbeth would look EVEN MORE AMAZING with an Alabam-Chanin-esque skirt! Just saying....

Much love to you today and everyday, my friend! XO


Agreeing with the others whole-heartedly (on this Valentine's Day) - Carbeth will look Fabulous on you and the color is oh so awesome. Love!


I am going to say that you will be able to pull it off with style!


Such a great color! And I have no doubt you will ROCK that Carbeth. You've got an excellent style! xoxo


Kym! This type of sweater was made for you! You'll figure out a way to pull it off without the kilt. I can see you creating your own way of wearing Carbeth!

Cheryl S.

I saw that pattern, but wide cropped pullovers are definitely not a good fit on me. I'm sure you'll do it justice, though.

The pattern looks like very similar to EZ's Hurry-Up Last Minute Sweater. I made that (not cropped of course), and I love how the wishbone shaping looks on me. Too bad it really only works for a bulky gauge.


Love, love, love the color. With your svelte figure, cropped will work find. Happy Valentine’s Day!


I think it's cute and will look great on you. But definitely not for me.


I was tempted, but I already know that cropped sweaters aren't for me. But I'm guessing you can pull it off especially in that beautiful color. :-)


It’s not a question of age but of body type, IMHO. I probably could not wear it. You look like you could. Go for it! Chloe


I cast on last night - not sure it will work on me either (I think you'll be fine). But it's an adorable sweater, a quick knit. If it doesn't work for me, I'll find someone to wear it. But I think the need for a perfect body is overstated -- a short cropped sweater (if oversized) will either highlight or create a waist -- not bad for many of us. Mine is going to be blue.

If *you* get a kilt, it should be shorter, I think ;-)

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