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Sometimes Mondays


It's been a really busy week around here.

But now it's Friday.



T - Thinking about . . . gardening.  Our weather did another flip-flop, and that has me itching to be out in the garden.  (It's amazing how quickly 17 inches of snow can melt with a couple of 50-degree F days and a little sunshine.)

G - Grateful for . . . a low-key weekend ahead.  I need some time to breathe.

I - Inspired by . . . this new book (available as a pre-order for now).  My "uniform" is already tunics-and-sweaters, so this book is right up my alley.

F - Fun ahead . . . I'm starting to make some plans for a possible May visit from my sister.  Could it include "Hamilton?"  (Stay tuned. . . )

Hope you all have a great Friday, continuing right on through the weekend!


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I am loving that new book as well! Have a great and quiet weekend! XO


So many are talking about that book - looks wonderful (and I have so much fabric in my stash...). Enjoy your low key weekend! Our roller coaster is continuing - snow forecast for Saturday night and then 70's by Tuesday!!


Oh lovely weekends! I am very excited for this new book to arrive and reboot my wardrobe sewing.


I hope it includes Hamilton! And I like the look of those tunics! (And I do own a lovely semi-new sewing machine...)


My winter uniform is jeans, flannel shirts, and hitchhikers, but that tunic looks more flattering. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your sister's visit becomes definite (not just possible), and definitely Hamilton! Here's to a great low-key weekend!


TGIF indeed! I'll be quite jealous of that Hamilton adventure.


Hamilton?! Oooh! I hope so. The tunic and sweater are neat.
Enjoy the weekend.


Part of putting my own blog on hiatus has been to let go of reading other blogs. But today I decided to take a break from doing the stuff I need to be doing and do some stuff i like to do -- like reading blogs! I caught up on yours first :-) I have been listening to a book you might enjoy -- The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. I do not read self-help books, but this one is marvelous... and so true. Also, thanks for the link to Postcrossing. I just signed up.


The big temp changes—it gets us schizo! Oh well, it makes are life more fun! Stay happy and have a great weekend!


Just caught up with your blog (gah, last week really got away from me!) ... and I'm struck - yet again (as always?!) - by how your life resonates with mine. (well, except for fiddle-y valentine monkeys ;-) I look forward to seeing how your garden thrives with more undivided attention (teaching knitting was the big thing I gave up). I love how you're approaching reading. I'm finding that I need to read with my eyes to retain more. I LOVE audiobooks, but those words just don't stay with me the same way. AND I pre-ordered that book, too. Super excited about getting back to sewing. I haven't sewed a garment since I was pregnant with Sara (so also, a little nervous about it, too). Hope you're having a wonderful, restful weekend. xxoo.


You will LOVE it! :)

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