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Sometimes Mondays

. . . look like comfort.


It's the middle of winter ... and I'm dealing with it.  

I long for mornings in my garden, evenings on the patio, and lazy days up north, sure.  But for now, I've gotten used to driving on icy roads, remembering to grab my mittens, and piling on the layers.  

I'm hunkering down for the rest of the winter.  And seeking comfort . . . where I can find it.

Happy Monday!



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Chili for the win(ter). We have to take comfort where we can get it these days but I'd sure like to be having my coffee outside on the deck instead of next to the woodstove.


Icy roads. The worst thing about winter. You can romanticize almost anything else by adding hot chocolate. Or chili.0)


I’ve thinking of chili for weeks - need to get some cooked up this week.


I'm 99% sure that I, and everyone else here, won't notice if it's cold, snowy, rainy, icy or anything this week. :-)

I made stuffed peppers in the crockpot on Saturday, and that seemed like a cozy, hunkering down meal. (And since I don't watch "This Is Us," using the crockpot didn't bug me at all ... ;-) )

Stay cozy! xo


I agree, hunkering down is the best thing to do at this time of year. I was busy running around from one event to another all weekend and yesterday afternoon, when the snow and wind blew through here and dropped the temperature from 35 to 2 in a few hours and coated the roads with a glaze of ice, I decided not to go out to my sister & brother-in-law's super bowl get together, instead I made soup and hunkered down for the evening. They understood & said if they were the ones going out, they would have opted to stay home too.


I am finding things to appreciate in this wintry weather, even if it just a renewed appreciation for warmer weather! XO


Yup - an icy morning here, but not work for me since the Eagles won!! I really enjoy having four seasons and would miss any one of them if it were to disappear...but icy roads I can do without. Stay warm!!


Icy is the worst part of winter. Hunkering down with a cup of tea or some hot chocolate is the best part.

P.S. Our part of Colorado is rarely icy. Right now we would love some snow and ice—it has been way too dry!


so much good food in my feed today! (also plenty of hunkering down and just plain resting ;-)


Comfort looks good enough to eat! And a great way to stay warm! Soon tho,' we'll have that spring and summery weather...I keep telling myself. Now, excuse...time to go fix supper...



Leaving the warmth (though unseasonable) of CO was tough...back to ice. Snow again tomorrow. I'm taking on winter with the purchase of a new hat! (Cuz I can't knit one that looks good on me to save myself!) That's one of my favorite meals ever up there!


It is cooler today, in the 40s with a threat of clouds, but we could be much warmer (60!) by the end of the week. No snow in sight. Sending you warmth and light! xo

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