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Paring Down: Another Focus Post

Sometimes Mondays

. . . look like L-O-V-E!


Today, my kids should be getting these little Valentine monkeys in the mail.

(Because they're never too old for a hand-knit surprise.)

(And totally worth every fiddly stitch.)


Ravelry details here.

(Those ears just kind of kill me. . . )


Funny Valentine Monkey outtakes:

Swimming Monkeys


Monkey Mug Shots




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How fun! I need to pick up some valentines today. Thanks for the reminder


Adorable, what a great surprise!

The Mug Shot Monkeys made me laugh out loud!


OMG - these are too cute! They turned out great and I think they look especially good swimming - LOL

PS - used the Insight Timer app this weekend a lot - LOVE it - thanks again for the link


Hahaha. SO CUTE! What a wonderful idea! I could tell you were making toys, but for WHO! Your kids are going to laugh the minute they open the package.


So fun! Completely adorable Kym!


Oh man! I laughed at Monkey Mug Shots! And, we thought of you and Tom watching Curling last night, I was trying to remember things you explained on your blog to tell Steve the rules of the game! It was as funny as those Monkey Mug Shots! Ha!


The mug shots!! They look like they've been flattened by the whole ordeal. ;)


Those are absolutely adorable and perfect for Erin and Brian!


Well, you have been monkeying around a lot! Cute as can be!


How fun! The monkeys made me smile today. What a good idea to send a knit toy to your children. I am filing that away for another holiday/year.


I love your monkeys, and completely cracked up at their outtakes! I hope they get into more mischief in CO and CA.


Delightful! Wishin' I was one of your kiddos too! What's next? Bunnies?



So adorable.. Those hear no evil with, right? Lucky children.
I learned Magic Loop before I became proficent with 4 needles so it was easy to be swayed by the engineering ingenuity of it. Every time I slide the needles I feel like I am performing little feats of magic. Silly me.


Those monkeys are ADORABLE !! I can tell just by looking at them that they are WAY too fiddly for my personal knitting skills, but I may have to try to make them at some point for my grandchildren. The outtake pics are really amusing, especially with your captions!

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