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Snow for Days

So.  We're in the midst of one of those winter weeks where it . . . snows for days.


I'm not talking about a blizzard here.  Or even a major storm.  Nothing to shut down the schools or anything.  Just a near-constant, gentle snowfall . . . that adds up after a few days.  

It's just winter in Michigan.  
Typical for February.  
Nothing to get riled up about.  

And I thought about how grateful I am, in the midst of snow for days . . . because:

  1. The snow is beautiful.  Our otherwise dreary winter landscape is much improved with a nice frosting of snow.  Everything looks fresh and bright and a bit magical.
  2. I have all the right apparel for managing snow and cold: a warm jacket, wool hats and scarves and mittens, snow boots.  I am toasty-warm.
  3. In my trusty, all-wheel drive Subaru Outback (fitted with new tires this year -- bonus!), I can navigate winter roads with ease -- and go anywhere I want.

C'mon, winter.  Show me what you got!  (Just be sure to wrap things up by the end of month.  M'kay?)


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Ahh my trusty Subaru Outback got me home on many an early dismissal from school. Why fight winter. Just put your head down and take it on! I love your last sentence though! Enough is enough by March 1.


If you don't have to get out in it...then don't? Lovely pictures.


Beautiful picture. I would get out in that beauty for a breath of freshness and then hibernate with a blanket, a book, some knitting and a beverage...and then, perhaps, a nap. Enjoy!

PS How is Mr. Garden Buddha coping with winter?


We've had so little snow. It seems to always go north or south -- or EAST -- of us! ;)


We haven't had much snow, but there has been plenty of sleet, freezing rain, and wintry mix -- scary to drive in even with my trusty Subaru Forester. I do hope winter doesn't take you up on your challenge but like that deadline of the end of the month!


Snow is great if you don't have to go anywhere! But I don't like driving to/from work when it's snowing heavily. Luckily we have a reasonable town administrator who shuts us down when it gets bad.


I was sad to see garden buddha covered with snow. seems wrong when I'm watching daffodils come up. but you're right - that's Michigan in February!


I actually am thankful for the snow we have right now. As you know, it is an amazing insulator and protects those tender plants from the bitter temps. So, yes... lets have some snow for the remainder of the month! And, hopefully it is not lingering at all in March, but she can be lion-like on her entry to ensure a lamb-like exit! :)


Since it's winter and there's no fixing that I'd like a good 12 inches of pure snow and no ice to get us through February. We've had no ability to cc ski or snow shoe! Just cold and ice. Boo! That looks just lovely. xoxo


Great list! I love the practical coping ideas.

Cheryl S.

Heh. It's supposed to be 62 here today.


I like snow and it's beauty.
I miss Wisconsin and Michigan, I miss wearing winter sweaters and mittens, I miss being stuck home by blizzards, I might even say I miss driving in snow.


Sadly, this year we have not had that gentle beautiful falling of snow. We have not had much more than an inch or so of snow. The mountains, which usually have 500" of snow are struggling to keep the 100" they made (little of it is from snow storms). It was 60 here yesterday and while it will be chilly for the next few days, we're not sure winter will really stop by this year. You're smart, well prepared, and know how to take care of yourself and your pups. I can't help but be slightly envious!

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