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On Cleaning Out More Than Just Closets: A Focus Post

"You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks."
                                        --- Winston Churchill

Over the last few years, I've written many a blog post about clearing out my closet -- carefully culling through my collection of clothes, figuring out what to keep, what to give away, and trying not to feel bad about past shopping decisions.

Well.  That process is never-ending, I've decided.  I'm still culling.  Every once in a while, I add something new.  But for the most part, it's a whittling down.

But that's not what this blog post is about.

No.  This blog post is about a quite different collection.  But let's stay with the closet metaphor for a bit.


You see, I am a Great Chaser of Shiny Objects.

I have many commitments and interests, and I enjoy pursuing them in a rather deep way from time to time.   Gardening, for example.  Or art.  Various fiber crafts.  Photography.  Community volunteering. (I'm sure you get the idea.)  I tend to keep . . . adding things.  But rarely subtracting.  

But . . . pursuing too many things means you don't have time to pursue anything well.  It's like the Churchill quote at the top of this post.  If I keep spreading myself too thin, I'll never get anywhere.  And it's actually kind of stressful -- to have all these things I want to DO, but never have time to actually do them.

So, I've decided that it's time to do some culling . . . in this, my year of Focus.  Like my closet.  Only not with clothes.

I expect that this will be a challenging process.  Because I like All the Things.  But, realistically, I can't DO All the Things.  Now that I've admitted and accepted this, it's time to deal with it.

If I can KonMari my closet, why not the rest of my life?

Take everything out.
Really look at it.
Touch it; try it on again.
Does it bring you joy????
Sort:  Keep - Toss - Maybe

It's time to begin.




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OH! I know those thoughts and feelings only so well - you're not a Scorpio by any chance, are you? I've too been thinking about clearing, dostadening, etc and have steeled myself to wait til March for the big effort...but every day, I do just a tiny bit...a bit o' paper, here, there, etc and I keep telling myself NO! NO! - not yet, trying to be mindful!
I wish you success> And will eagerly await your reports...Carry on!


I know you bring us I hope this particular activity continues to do so for you!


This is the exact thing that keeps returning to my morning meditations. I ignored it for much of last year so now it is shouting at me. I can no longer ignore it but rather than just rashly culling things. I am thoughtfully contemplating those things that take time. I am finding drastic answers in my contemplations, but I still fear making rash decisions. So, I am trying these things on for size, seeing how it feels to move on from them. And, my hope is that by the time summer is here, I have honed my "doing" to those things that only inspire me greatly. Great post Kym! XO


I couldn't agree more. Good luck with your won't be easy, but it should (in the end) bring you peace and focus!


Excellent! It can be hard to say goodbye, whether to a fave sweater or a fave activity, but once you make yourself do it, it's incredibly freeing. Good luck!


On the one hand, I totally get it... on the other, I'm having palpitations!!

Haha. Truthfully, I've been doing this a little bit myself -- without articulating it (palpitations!), and also without the final step (divestiture) that would make it permanent.



I cut back on some volunteer work that was no longer bringing me joy, just anxiety. At first I felt a bit guilty about it, but six months later I find myself volunteering at something entirely different and it is bringing me so much joy & inspiration. I think we have to re-evaluate all that we do from time to time to make room for personal growth & renewed creativity.


This will be a challenging journey, but we know you will do it well. Keep us posted!


I know two things that are staying no matter what: knitting and gardening. I'm sure you'll make wise choices about the other things you want to do, too.


I told someone recently that retiring didn't give me more time only more options! Sadly, we cannot do all we'd like to do and concentrating on fewer options is the best way to life well. I like the way Winston thinks.


These are great thoughts. I think depth is more important than breadth but everyone has to find their own approach. I wish you success on this interesting journey.


Very cool that you can apply that Kon Mari process to something besides your "stuff" (and yay that you don't have to fold up what you keep into neat, tiny packets to fit into your drawers ;-) I worked through Courtney Carver's Busy Boycott series last year; it was life-changing. I love not being busy anymore! (I'm sure you've seen it already, but just in case

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