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Not Unraveled . . . Just Undecided

Okay, gang.  

Here's the thing.

I've been just stuck with my knitting for several days now.  Right here.


And, no.  I didn't run out of yarn.

It's just . . . well.  I tried on my sweater before beginning the charming Audrey Hepburn-style neckline. . . 


and decided I kind of like it without the charming Audrey Hepburn-style neckline.

(I also decided that I wish I'd not chickened out and added that extra inch to the length.  Because it doesn't look very cropped now, does it?  But that train has left the station.)


So.  I'm undecided.


Charming Audrey Hepburn-style collar?

Or not?

Thoughts? *


* Other considerations:

  1. I'm not a fussy-neckline kind of gal, and true turtlenecks drive me nuts.
  2. It was 68ºF  yesterday, so I've got a touch of spring fever.
  3. Although last night I had decided to cast off as is and put myself out of my misery, today I'm leaning more toward sticking a lifeline in the neckline with 4 rows of ribbing complete, and then knitting the collar as written to . . . just see.   (Then if I don't end up liking it, I have an easy place to rip back to.)


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The turtle neck is the thing that kept me from considering this sweater. I love it with out! Brilliant thinking.


I love the idea of the lifeline. When I first read this I was all about no AH-SC but then I went on Ravelry and looked around and I think...if you can get it wide enough so it won't drive you crazy (because I'm with you on the turtleneck thing) I like the look of the collar. JM2C! xoxo


As I was scrolling down and got to your first try-on photo, I thought, "Yes, that's it!". I really do like the neckline as it is now, bit the most important thing is that you like it, so option 3 is a great idea. I think I would wonder every time I wore that sweater if the AH neckline would have been better, and that wondering would certainly blunt my enjoyment of a beautiful sweater. I love the length and color!


The Audrey Hepburn style neckline is unusual and could make a fun and unique sweater. You'll never know if you don't try it! In a trice it can be removed and knit with a neckline that suits you. It's all knitting (and fun!). GO FOR IT!


I love how it looks as is! But, the neck knits so fast! I say throw in a lifeline and knit on! But, whatever you choose, I love it! And, I think the added inch is a good thing! It still looks cropped and looks so beautiful on you!


I like the idea of trying it out with a lifeline. You might like it.


I think it looks great and the lifeline will give you the option to pick the style you like best! Have fun and knit on!


This looks gorgeous just as it is (and I do like the length - a lot...and the awesome color). BUT, having said that, I, too, vote for the lifeline and trying the Kat says it knits fast and looking at all the pics it is not a tight turtleneck. You could do it and do the plate blocking to widen it even more! Or, with the lifeline, rip it back. Decisions, decisions.....

Cheryl S.

Putting in a lifeline and continuing to see whether you like it or not is a good idea, since you've nothing to lose but a little knitting time.

I think it looks very cute as is without the turtleneck, and I suspect that it suits your style more. I love how it looks on you now - great size and length, and the wishbone shaping is very flattering on you. My guess is that you'll prefer it without the turtleneck.

But... isn't there always a but? I don't know if it would bother you, but it would probably bother me to have the neckline that low in the back neck on a bulky-ish sweater. I don't mind open or low backs on lightweight sweaters, but on heavier sweaters if the back neck is too low I keep wanting to yank it up. Something to consider if you don't do the turtleneck would be to do a bunch of short rows in the ribbing to make the back neck a bit higher, while keeping the front as low as you like.


#3 sounds like the best option and then you will know for SURE!! :)


I'm with the crowd on this one - your yarn looks like it will drape, and if you block the collar wide, should not be at all like a turtleneck. also, I love the body length. it's definitely cropped, but not uncomfortably so. (like you could wear it without baring your midriff ... which - imho - is good!) finally - I love the color. whichever path you choose, I hope you finish soon - that sweater calls to be worn with black, when it's chilly outside!


Love the length you chose, more versatile so you will get more use out of it, not crazy about turtlenecks for me, but everyone’s different so don’t want to weigh in on this issue, love the color and the fit, love Audrey Hepburn, and advice to knit it conditionally and rip if needed sounds reasonable. Man, you are a fast knitter.


This sweater has screamed "funnel neck" to me from the beginning. But I've had a hankering for a funnel-neck sweater or top or dress or SOMETHING for a while now! :)


Well, I for one cannot wait to see whatever the finished project becomes! The color is lovely, looks great on you! Knit on!


I have seen a couple Carbeths without the turtleneck and like them. Still debating with myself whether I want to knit one of these sweaters or not. Your option # is perfect!

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