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Not Unraveled . . . Just Undecided

Next Up: Adventure

Last month I told you about Jen Tulson's Sacred Invitation Deck -- a set of beautiful cards I won in a random drawing -- that I'm using as a tool in creating an "area of refuge" for myself.

The first card I chose was . . . savor.  And the card did its magical work!  Every time I glanced at it, I found myself thinking about simple things that I savored in my life (looking out the window at the snow, being able to throw a hand knit shawl over my legs when I was chilly, the smell of food cooking in the kitchen . . . that kind of thing).

I liked the savor card!  It brought me comfort and a daily gentle reminder to notice the little things.  I was in no hurry to switch it out with another.  And so it remained, sitting on my desk (in a little stand-up card holder I had stashed away in my junk drawer) for nearly a month.

Until it wasn't.

Over the weekend, it must have fallen to the floor under my desk.  And this pup . . . 


normally so well-behaved - but with a strange penchant for cardstock (and only cardstock) that she finds lying on the floor - decided to, well . . . savor it herself!


I decided, then, that the time had come for me to choose another card!  


But I'm gonna be honest here.  When I saw my new card - adventure - I was disappointed.


In the middle of February?

I mean, seriously?  Adventure . . . conjures excitement and new and plans and going somewhere.  Not . . . exactly what my life looks like right now, y'know?

But I stuck the card in the little holder on my desk anyway.  I'm going to live with it for awhile and see where it takes me.
Because hmmmm.  
You never know.



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That card is like a Spicy ingredient in a bowl of stew. It shakes things up and makes you aware of the rest of the elements in the bowl. Glad you are sticking with it.


You never know what life might have waiting for you!


Here's hoping that you find your own adventure (and Jo-Jo's next adventure doesn't include more savoring of cardstock)!


Well, that's a different way of choosing a new card - lol. Funny what our creatures desire at times. Anywho, remember that adventures come in all shapes and sizes....sometimes hidden under other things - you may end up down a rabbit hole!! Cheers to some fun adventures for you.


I was thinking the same thing about just never know when it may arrive! On Saturday two women walked up to our truck when we were parking at the lake (not a regular park place for us) and said...we have no idea where we are! Fortunately we were able to get them back to their vehicle and our expected 15 minute walk turned into an hour adventure! (Silly ladies...they would have been screwed if we hadn't come along!) Here's to adventure!


I would take that as an invitation to START PLANNING ONE!! ;)
Chuckling about that slightly chewed SAVOR card.


Your beautiful pup is clearly giving you a message. We will enjoy your adventure vicariously,


You can find loads of adventure in reading. Just sayin.


I think adventure sounds most interesting! I love how Jo-Jo left her proof of how wonderful it is to savor! Really, it is perfect! XO


Well savor was a good card that came to a savory ending. Adventure is a great creative challenge for February. Keep us posted.


um, yeah, weren't you telling me last week you needed to plan a trip? an adventure perhaps?!


Puppies have a way of changing a course you think you've set for yourself. I call that adventure! If anyone can find a way to create an adventure it would be you. I'll be looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you!


Adventures can and do take all sorts of forms...I'm betting your adventure/s will be most unusual and fun...looking forward to reading all about them!


Obviously puppy had to savor the card too.


Perhaps you will decide to cast on a king-sized blanket of fingering weight yarn with all-over colorwork and cables and maybe some brioche thrown in just to break up the boredom. Now, THAT would be an adventure!

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