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Sometimes Mondays

A Bit of Reframing

Today is One of Those Days when my schedule is packed with activity. 

One thing . . . 
after another thing . . . 
followed by another thing . . . 
with another thing right after that.

I'll be running around.  Away for most of the day.


When I looked at my schedule last night, I sighed a big sigh and lamented my busyness.

But, then, it occured to me. . .  

I'm in charge of my own schedule!  
I put this day together myself!

And I did a little reflecting.

So, yes.  My day today is "busy."  And I can choose to look at it that way, and feel overwhelmed and cheated, somehow, that I don't have any "time for myself."

OR . . . 

I can choose to reframe the whole thing.  After all, my schedule today is full of things I rather enjoy doing or being part of.  It's not like I've schedule unpleasant tasks or meetings with people I don't like.  

I'm choosing to see my day as "full" instead of "busy."

It feels better that way.

Full . . . not busy!
(And there's wine at the end of it, besides.)




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That is a nice little bit of attitude adjustment! I also love the way you've kept focus literally at hand on your keys. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, my word (enough) will hopefully soon be reminding me on my own keys. I will also be making sure there's wine at the end of my full day! :-)


Great adjustment and focusing on a way to view it in a pleasant manner! My day isn't that busy, but there will definitely be wine by late afternoon! Enjoy the weekend!!


Smart. Have a great, full day... and enjoy that wine!


Enjoy! Your full day and the glass even fuller later!


I love your attitude! Hope you enjoy everything the day brings and that glass of wine at the end!


Excellent reminder that your outlook determines your attitude! Here is to a day full of good things with tasty rewards at the finish line! XO


Yes! I remind myself of this often and I know the next day (or so) will be "mine" again to kickback and relax.


Fullness certainly feels better than busyness—however, finding the distinction is a challenge. That said from a woman who has had a busy week!


I just finished The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, and they both recommend that same reframing. You are a genius (and deserving of sainthood, just like DL and DT!)


Ditto, to everything you said.
Today is a "full" day, my choice, my frame of mind.
Have a great day, Kym!


Reframing is helpful, isn't it? I hope your full day was full of riches.

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