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3 Blooms on a Cold, Dreary Day

Last fall, I ordered 6 amaryllis bulbs from White Flower Farm.  Bulbs from WFF are stupidly expensive -- but worth every penny to me.  I consider it an Investment . . . in my health and well-being during the Dark Months.

Now, every amaryllis is a beautiful amaryllis -- don't get me wrong.  I have purchased many a box-store or grocery store bulb over the years, and I have enjoyed their blooms immensely.  But they tend to be rather short-lived, and in my experience, seldom get another bud after the first is spent.  That's why I started ordering my bulbs online.  (There are several other great online amaryllis sources out there.   I just settled on WFF.  It's where I order all my bulbs -- spring bulbs like daffodils and tulips and the amaryllis.)  When it comes to blooms -- color, variety, bloom-time -- you really do get what you pay for.

I like to have some sort of amaryllis blooming beginning in January and continuing right on through February.  They do an amazing job at brightening up my house -- and my spirits.  This year, my choices are doing the job splendidly.  One of the bulbs is just now opening for its first bloom, and two of them are in the process of blooming from their second set of buds.  

Here are the 3 blooms bringing light and hope to the dreary day outside right now:

One. . .


(This one is in its first bloom.  The blooms are smaller and more compact than the more "standard" amaryllis -- and the colors are very intense.)

Two . . . 


(This one is beginning to bloom from its second bud.  It takes a few days for this amaryllis to completely open because it's a "double" -- it has two layers of petals.   You can see the interior layers just beginning to unfold.)

Three . . . 


(This one is just beginning to burst open, also from its second bud.  The blooms are deep red and kind of shiny -- living up to its name "Ferrari.")

This year, I think my blooms may take me all the way into March.  

You see, I have two other plants that I thought were finished after their initial set of buds.  They started putting out their leaves, which is usually a sign of  "done-ness."  But the other day, as I was giving them a water, I noticed these . . . 


Each plant has a second bud coming.  

Bring it on!  
(Because these dreary days of winter will be hanging on for a while yet, I'm afraid.)


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Wow - those are lovely. Just curious. Can you revive an amaryllis the following year or are they one and done?


These are incredible bulbs, buds, and blooms, and I'm enjoying every photo you've shared (and of course Daphne, too)!


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I'm so happy you all led me to purchase a couple of amaryllis as well...they've brought so much joy!


That's it. I'm ordering from WFF. Wow, just double WOW! You've got some real winners. Each one is fantastic! After spending on a fancy bulb this year and having a month of blossoms, I'm sold on good quality bulbs. I like your sentiment of investing in health and well-being during winter's drear. I'm in!


Lovely. On my list for next year, as well!


Oh that first one!!! What is the name for that one. I LOVE it. These are all such a great investment. Beautiful pictures Kym.


Those colors are gorgeous! When I lived in NY State, WFF was close enough to visit, tour their gardens, & shop. Their gardens are lovely and worth taking the time to see if you are ever in that part of the country.

Jeannie Gray

Wow! They are beautiful! I've never had much luck with amaryllis. My experience with them is that they are only a few inches tall when you go to bed and the next morning, they are on the floor because they grew 3 feet over night & got so top-heavy they turned themselves over.


I bet the photos don't capture the colors but they are spectacular!

Cheryl S.

Those are so wonderful. I used to order from WFF years ago when I had a large yard. Dutch Gardens is another really excellent bulb supplier, though I never bought any amaryllis from them - just garden bulbs.

I'd love to know how you staggered your plantings, and when you started them.


Just three things, love, love , love


They are all gorgeous, but I am especially fond of the deep dark colors! What a way to bring some spring into the winter days.


I am convinced that amaryllis will be in my life next year! What a fun treat! Enjoy and thanks for sharing!


Beautiful and so refreshing on a gray February day. You truly have a master gardener's touch.


I love the variety - and the lesson in second buds. I look forward to seeing what March brings!


I am in awe of this stunning beauty! Flowers just do a body good!


White Flower Farm amaryllis bulbs for me next year!

::clicks away to put a note on my calendar::


Even just looking at the pictures of the amaryllis brought a smile to my face! I will definitely be buying my own next year. Winter in northeastern Massachusetts means DARK MONTHS, too!! I know these will help.

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