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Nothing fiddly! That looks most... interesting!


Hm. That looks like a "toy"! Good luck with your needle-wrangling!


I’ve found that some projects lend themselves better to Magic Loop than others. But most important are flexible cables. I really love the Chiao Goo ones which you appear to have judging by the red cables. Although I learned dpns first, I was so new to knitting when Magic Loop appeared, that I happily converted to it for hats especially and have never had a problem with “ladders.” Where there’s a will...etc. My most successful Magic Loop project involved Cascade 220 yarn and mostly stockinette. The rhythm I got was very soothing. (And for once I didnt have to be corrected for the proper spelling of rhythm...that’s almost scary in itself.) Chloe


P.S. Took a second look. Are you doing two socks at a time, Kym??? That frightens me more than double-knitted brioche.

Jeannie Gray

Legs or fingers? Can't wait to find out what this project evolves into.


Oh my, I have never adopted magic loop—it terrifies me.


Magic looping has saved me from buying new 16” needles when I randomly decided to knit a hat for my granddaughter with my needle stash far away. Sometimes it’s a love/hate thing.


I'm a magic loop fan and I can't wait to see what you've got going there! And I'm knitting...I guess the peace cowl again since I saw Carole's post and I've had one sitting in a bag next to my chair for a year! :-) Should be a good travel project.


Magic Loop seems fascinating...I haven't a clue so I'll look forward to reading/seeing your story...



Ooooh - that looks interesting! What's it going to be?!? Magic Loop is easy, give me a holler if I can help.


Magic loop is a pain, but also works well for sleeves and the like, but what have you got there!?


I can magic loop - if absolutely necessary but it is not my favorite method. Maybe I just don't have the right needles. I am knitting on a sweater and a hat these days.


no Magic Looping for this girl, either ... I like my fiddle-y knitting with sticks :-)


What the heck is that? LOL Looks like two little legs or arms, and it looks very fiddly. I've never tried magic loop - seems weird to me.

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