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Each year, I spend time in January making plans for the coming year, including setting goals and intentions.  (I'll be writing more about this in the days to come.)  For me, there's a big difference between a goal and an intention.  As in . . .

A goal is something specific and tangible I want to do or achieve in the future.  My goals are external achievements ("paint my dining room," for example), and it will be very clear whether I meet the goal or not.

An intention, though, is more about how I want to live my life right now - in the present moment.  My intentions are focused internally - on my personal values and how I want to live into them every day ("embrace whimsy," for example).  It will not be clear - from an external sense - whether I've lived into my intentions or not (although I'll know).

I set both goals AND intentions for myself each year.  And although I try not to get too hung up on meeting my goals, I do take them pretty seriously.  

With one exception (the great sweater challenge of 2009), I avoid any specific goals related to knitting.  I like to be free to go where the fiber-spirit moves me.  I like to be fickle about my projects.  I like to be able to chase after a shiny new object when I see it.  Heck -- I'm so fickle, I can't even use the Ravelry Queue feature.


This week on Instagram, many knitters have been posting under the hashtag #makenine2018, showing their nine "knitting goal" projects for the coming year (based on Rochelle New's annual challenge).  At first, this just . . . gave me an eye twitch.  Because I would just feel way too hemmed in by making this kind of challenge for myself.  

So.  No #makenine2018 challenge for me.

But.  It is kind of fun to think about the nine knitting patterns that have currently caught my attention.  Kind of . . . my #dreammakenine list.

So, here they are:  The nine things I'm dreaming about knitting in 2018.  But feeling under no obligation to ACTUALLY knit any of them.  (Because the list will change probably 100 times over the next 365 days.  Y'know?)


top row, l to r:  Humulus (Isabell Kraemer), Cabled Moss Stitch Cowl (Churchmouse Yarn & Teas), Olive Street Cardigan (Nancy Eiseman)

middle row, l to r: Manzanilla (Joji Locatelli), Nepali Bird Vest (Carol Sunday), Tegna (Caitlin Hunter)

bottom row, l to r:  Mossbank (Kerry Robb), Close to You (Justyna Lorkowska), Cranberry Gose (Thea Colman)

How about YOU?  Do you set knitting goals for yourself?  And if you do, do they direct and motivate your knitting for the year?  And - whether you set knitting goals for yourself or not -- what project(s) would you include in your #dreammakenine2018 list?


Head over to Kat's to see what everyone else is saying about their knitting today.




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I'm afraid that somehow setting goals for the "fun stuff" (reading, knitting) would make them begin to feel like things I had to do and thus too much like work. That's exactly the opposite of what I want from the fun stuff, so no knitting goals for me. I realize that my failure to plan may contribute to a plan to fail, but that beautiful Nepali Bird Vest and finishing a few hitchhikers in progress are going in my dream queue (I also don't use the Ravelry queue.) Thanks for giving me some things to think about. :-)


I have a over arching goal for several years now. Knit from stash. My frustration with my stash is that there are lovely yarns that once had a specific pattern to go with it. Alas I am easily led astray. Workshops, fiber festival, well meaning friends destashing , all led to a proliferation of yarn. We won't even discuss spinning fiber.
So this year I identified 6 projects I'd like to complete, but no pressure and I reserve th right to be diverted by shiny objects!


EXACTLY!! My #makenine2018 could easily change hourly on some days!! I like to leave my options open... WAY open. Things just change, move, appear too fast... plus LIFE! :)


My only knitting goal is to knit some every day. I just started the cutest little stocking cap for my 20 month old great niece! I rarely make sweaters for myself because of sizing issues, but I've had my eye on Cranberry Gose for some time!


As you know, I never do anything "official" - but I do like to give myself nebulous goals (is it a goal if it's nebulous?). And I'm with you on intentions - I actually find them more meaningful.


I feel the exact same way as you do about that makenine thing - no way! I did actually consider it for a few minutes and thought I could come up with nine things to knit for Jackie. And then I came to my senses!


I'm riding the same train you are! :-) Though Humulus has been given some serious consideration for a next up once I finish the sweater I'm kitting. I gave up pressure goals a long time ago and am more inclined toward paint the hallway as well! (True goal.) And the Goodreads challenge...somehow that seems less stressful!


Setting a goal of nine specific projects would turn knitting into a chore for me. I like to choose a project at a time. Knitting is one of the ways I play and I want to keep the play spontaneous and free flowing.


I am avoiding setting knitting goals but that Humulus would be on my list.


Humulus is definitely on my list! and just this morning, I crushed over Jared Flood's new Freja (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/freja-10). I'm happy to see so much talk about knitting!!


Great dream knits! And, I have knit "Close to you" and it is a super fun little knit and PERFECT for a fun skein of sock yarn!

As for me, I have more than one sweater's quantity of yarn in my stash, so my make nine was easy to start. Have yarn, will knit! XO


Knitting goals? hahahaha One thing I know for sure is I'm going to knit more socks, shawls (always), and maybe a sweater. I'm more fickle than you. LOL Your dream nine looks marvelous!

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