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Three on Thursday . . . Times Six

I am a regular listener of Gretchen Rubin's Happier podcast -- and if you are too, you know that she and her sister, Liz, have been talking a lot about their "18 for 2018" lists lately.

Just in case you're not a regular listener (something I highly recommend, by the way; this is a great weekly podcast), "18 for 2018" is a list of 18 action items (or goals) you hope to accomplish during 2018.  

This is a fun exercise -- and perfect for the beginning of the new year.  Just think about 18 things you'd like to accomplish during the next 12 months. . . and make a list.

Here's mine (taken right out of my daily journal):


Now, we're talking goals (rather than intentions) here.  These are specific and tangible things I want to do or achieve in the future -- external achievements (action items) that I can cross off my list once I've accomplished them.  My list is a mix of . . .

relatively easy things,
things I can do now,
things I can't do until later in the year,
things that will take all year to accomplish,
and things that have been on my "action plans" for years and years (I'm talking about you, re-paint-the-dining-room!).

This list is not a place for my intentions or for any resolutions.  Nope.  We're talking pure goals here!

It's fun.  Give it a try.   What's on YOUR list . . . of 18 for 2018?


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