In a Word
A Reflection . . . On Balance

Sometimes Mondays

. . . look like digging out.


I'm back.  But I've been away.  

First, there was a big solstice party.  Then, there were the holidays.  Next, I had nomad-houseguests for a couple of weeks.  And to top it all off, I flew out to California for a few days with Erin (and her cat).

I am buried and behind in pretty much every area of Life.

So today will find me catching up and digging out and getting back on track with everyday stuff.  (Because, yeah.  That's my actual desk at this very moment.)

(I am so ready.)


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Good luck and welcome back!


It will certainly feel good to be dug out. I hope you find a treasure or two in the pile!


I'm back at work today and I was just thinking how it's nice to re-establish my routine. Hope you find the same for yourself today!


I need to dog out too. 8 was just look8ng at the calendar to see when I can take a few days off work

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

I am scared of my desk! Sounds like a really good break. (dealing with my desk --similar state--is on my list for today too)


I'm with you, doing much of the same stuff today!


Welcome home & good luck!!


Welcome back ... home AND here!! I didn't even have a good excuse for letting things slide (er, pile up) for the last few weeks, and I got sorted and cleared this past week. It feels great to have some clean space for the new year!


Welcome home! Hope today went well. Looking forward to tales of CA!


Welcome home. It will feel good to get life back to normal. I spent some time on paperwork this weekend and today. Life goes on into 2018.


Hope your day leaves you plenty of time to catch up and get back to a normal routine. I have no excuse, but my desk looks much the same. I don't know where time goes sometimes. Here's to 2018 and all the beauty it can bring!


Welcome Home! Fire those elves that didn't do their/your work when you were in CA! I spent most of Mon sorting stuff out, trying to get a handle on my life on paper, too...progress is s-l-o-w...but every step helps.

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