The Friday Fish Wrap
Focus. Or . . . Ferris Was Right

Sometimes Mondays

. . . require a fresh perspective.


When I went to bed last night (early and exhausted), I was feeling particularly rotten about myself -- and how I'd managed to have such a busy weekend, yet gotten "nothing done." (Y'know . . . things on my weekend to-do list.  The laundry, for example.  Cleaning my bathroom.  Sorting through the mail on my desk.  Preparing for a big meeting today.)

Tom challenged me to think about it differently.  He reminded me that I did a lot of things this weekend - really good and important things.  (Things on my calendar, but not on my weekend to-do list.  Working out, for example.  Meeting a friend for coffee.  A League of Women Voters program meeting.  Going to a movie.  The Women's March.)

I'm thinking I made the wrong to-do list for the weekend.  Maybe it was a super-successful weekend after all.  And the laundry can wait.
(And THAT's a re-freshing perspective.)


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For sure!! I like the idea of sometimes making a list of the things I am NOT going to do or worry about on a particular day (or weekend). Another way of prioritizing, I guess.


Yes! That is what life is all about. Laundry can always wait! And thank-you for marching!


Yes, indeed, you got it right! Laundry will always be there.


It's always good to reframe things when you're feeling like a failure. Good for Tom for showing you a different perspective.


Yay for Tom's outlook! My weekend was similar - meeting a friend, more knitting time, a nap - all good things. Laundry, scrubbing floors, etc. can always wait (and will ALWAYS be there). Glad you had such a great weekend!


Tom certainly has the right idea. I'll bet everything on your list can be done over the next few days and you can feel good about being part of the change we desire.


Bravo to Tom and new perspectives! And, take it from me - laundry can almost always wait! XO


That Tom is a smart guy! I'm glad you listened to him ... laundry can ALWAYS wait in my house ;-)


Tom sounds like a smart and thoughtful man! A friend once told me that men congratulate themselves for things they do, but women feel guilty and are often criticized for things they didn't do. You did plenty of important things and I'm glad you can see that from your fresh perspective!


I had a similar conversation with my daughter who was feeling that her weekend was a fail because her list was unchecked but as we talked, she realized that her weekend was a success because she had invested in some very important relationships. It’s a tough call sometimes.


Tom sounds like a wise man. Laundry and bathrooms will wait for another day. I read or heard somewhere that few people come to the end of their lives and wish they had worked more or done more chores. What they wish for is more time with friends/family and doing things they wanted to do. So perhaps you had a good weekend. By the way, thanks for marching. I was there in spirit.

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