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Mining for a Heart of Gold

First, let's set the tone with some Neil Young.

Last August, I stopped in at the Michigan Fiber Festival.  Just to look around, y'know?  Not to buy anything.  (Because heaven knows I don't need any yarn.)  But I'm kind of a sucker for Briar Rose yarn.  (The colors!  The squish factor!  And it's made just up the highway!)  So there I was.

In the booth, I spied this great skein of kind of a harvest-y gold-y color yarn.  I really fell hard for it . . .  but there was only one skien.  Really not enough to do anything WITH.  So I dug around.  And the Briar Rose representative dug around with me.  But she wasn't very hopeful, because she mentioned they might not be using this particular base much anymore - and there probably wasn't more of that particular color.

We dug.

We nearly upended the entire booth.

You might say we were . . . mining for a heart of gold, even.

In the end, we found one!


Keep me searching for a heart of gold
You keep me searching and I'm growing old
Keep me searching for a heart of gold
I've been a miner for a heart of gold


You can find the details here on my Ravelry page.




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You struck it rich! That's just *gorgeous*. (Also, thanks for the earworm from my adolescence. Will love that album forever.)


That color is so glorious on you!! I love it!


Your sweater is gorgeous! Hope you enjoy wearing it!


Glad you struck a vein and struck your gold lode! The sweater is beautiful and the fit is perfect. You've knit something you'll be wearing for years to come!


You're a gold digger!! Haha. It turned out GREAT!! And what a wonderful color.


Your gold digging paid off big time.

Cheryl S.



The sweater is so very lovely, and fits you perfectly! Wear it in good health. :-)

Kim Sheehan



Love how it turned out and it looks fabulous on you. And, love that whole album - a time trip for sure - -thanks for that (a good ear worm for a change - lol).


I love it and you look fabulous wearing it!


Just gorgeous! And a perfect fit, too. Your yarn choice does justice to a lovely pattern. I’m mining for the perfect gold for my Woman Makes her own Arrow shawl. Glad you found yours!


Congratulations on an amazing FO! I should have read your blog before searching for this yarn this morning. A perfect pairing of yarn and pattern, Kym.


Beautiful sweater. You finished it and it looks lovely on you. What a perfect photo in the sunshine. Congratulations. I bet you will wear and wear and wear that sweater.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Worth the digging! You and the sweater both look fabulous.


That's a lot of sweater for just TWO skeins of yarn! Heart of gold indeed!!


What a gorgeous sweater! You certainly did strike gold...all around! xo


Love your sweater and how you styled it! So chic. I’ve been searching for that length sweater for quite some time. And you may have found it for me, Kym. But I don’t look good in gold. May have to settle for a heart of silver.


T'is most lovely and it fits you to a T! I can see why you wanted that other skein...I just love gold too!

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