Beginning with Intention
Three on Thursday . . . Times Six

Determined to Finish

In knitting news . . . 


we have progress!

I took this photo sometime last weekend to check the length of that sleeve.  Since then, I finished that sleeve, and I'm well on my way with the next.

I'm determined!  I'm going to finish soon.  (Mostly because every time I try this sweater on, I just want to keep wearing it.  Very comfortable.  I think I'm going to love it.) (But also because I'm ready to knit something else.)

As far as reading goes, I just finished two duds that I really can't recommend.  So I'll just leave it right there.  (If you want more details, you can check out my Goodreads reviews.)  I've just started reading Reservoir 13, which is much more promising from the start, although reviews are mixed . . . so we'll see.

How about you?  What are you knitting and/or reading this week?


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Your sweater looks absolutely wonderful, with perfect yarn and perfect fit. I hope we get to see it soon! I started Reservor 13 way back when but got waylaid somehow. Here's hoping it's a good one after two duds!


Beautiful sweater! And, here is to the break of dud book reading for both of us! This week I actually thought about Mary's daughter who only wants to read 5-star books! I am about there! LOL


I bet you'll be wearing that sweater by the weekend. I really liked Reservoir 13, hope it's the same for you.


I'm loving everything about that sweater! And I think Reservoir 13 looks interesting and have added it my list. Based on Carole's review it makes me think I need to read Benediction as well to finish up that series.


Great looking sweater!


Your sweater is going to look amazing! I think the color looks especially nice on you.


Beautiful sweater and here is to better reading! Some of my recent ones have been a bit of a slog...but am now reading "Sing, Unburied, Sing" and wow! The language and the writing!

Cheryl S.

Looks great!


The sweater is stunning on you! It fits perfectly—clearly your process is working!


Perfect fit on your sweater! So Cozy! I've got three works in progress, a vest Ive been working on since September 2016, Open ocean cowl, and Stephen West Speckle and Pop. Currently I'm reading Sing, Unburied, Sing. Not too far along but I'm intrigued.


Yahoo! I remember when that sweater was hardly anything! ;)


I can see why you are anxious to finish that sweater. It fits so well and looks quite warm. Keep knitting and you will be wearing it soon.


It looks wonderful, Kym! Have you chosen your next project(s)? I hear ya about wanting to knit something else ... Bodie has been on the needles for two months ... a lifetime in my knitting life ;-)


That's going to be a great looking sweater and one that is so wearable!

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