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Bloomin' Friday: Winter Edition

Mid-January in western Michigan is a very bleak and gloomy time.  Winter has taken hold by now.  Bitter cold.  Lots of snow.  Perpetual cloud cover.  And even though we enjoyed a January Thaw yesterday, it was bleak.  Rain, fog, grey skies.  We haven't seen the sun in a while.  And overnight, the temperature plunged over 30 degrees and it is snowing again.

Fun times.

I need something to brighten my dreary corner of the world.


Enter . . . amaryllis.  The most magical of all flowers (at least, in the middle of winter).

My strategy with amaryllis . . . is to plant them a bit later in the fall.  I don't need blooms at Christmastime.  I need blooms in the bleak days of January and February!

They are the bright spots in my very bleak landscape.


Bring on the blooms!



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cool photos! my goal is to have blooms at the end of January ... we'll see if I timed it right!


Just gorgeous! These bright spots and lots of them will get you through the bleakness (and us, too, since you are so kind to share them)!


Oh, beautiful! And, just the perfect thing for these long, grey, dark days.


Love your Amaryllis! Wonder how they would do down here in Florida? My orchid was blooming for the third year but suffered on our drive down. Quick braking on my hubby's part sent her flying and snapped the bloom stem off. Now the top of the main stem is turning brown. i think I'll try surgery.


Oh yes! That's what I did this year. I bought three plants and I have three winners! One is amazing and it's partner has two buds! Then the crimson one I planted came up with THREE buds. I'll have blossoms well into February! You inspired me last year and that's why I have good results this year!


As i get older I am finding that all seasons, fun or not, are going by all too swiftly. My advice to all those under 65-ers is to treasure each day - rainy or sunny, foggy or fair - because they will inevitably become fewer and fewer. This is not a gloomy forecast. This is just life. Don't wait until you can hardly walk or hear or need 5 pills to start your day (not that I am in that stage yet!) Take joy in whatever lies outside your doorstep. And why, oh why, can’t remember to buy those amaryllis! Kym, your red ones are gorgeous!


Those red buds are such a shot of brightness! Definitely needed on this grey, rainy day hear in Eastern PA. We had the warmth starting yesterday, more today, but by tomorrow we will have dropped 30+ degrees. Such is Winter.


I'm tempted to try amaryllis in my sewing studio next year...thus far my experience with them has been a dismal failure...
I'll enjoy yours.


I think your strategy is super smart. We've got those warm temps but it's rainy and grey here, too. If I can't put the top down on the mustang I don't really care if it's 60!


What a great strategy—we all miss the Christmas color and the amaryllis are perfect for winter days! And we have that shiny New Year in our fingertips!


Bring on the blooms in winter. They are cheerful on gray days. I was thinking a few fresh flowers wouldn't hurt. I'll have to go somewhere where they can be well wrapped so they don't get frostbite on the way home.


Amaryllis -- what a winter brightener! Smokey brought me a hyacinth bulb bulb vase; it has sprouted about 4". Soon now...


Beautiful! I'll be showing mine tomorrow I hope. They have brought so much joy during this particular cold snap. Thinking I should go find some paper whites too!


YES! My growing conditions are not ideal -- there's lots of sunshine in the "garden room," but it gets quite cold -- nevertheless, I've had success with amaryllis in there! They're slow, but I'll take blooms even into March and April! So far, I have three showing signs of life, but only leaves so far (and that's OK, too).

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