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Beginning with Intention

As I mentioned last week, I've been spending some time reflecting on my intentions for the coming year.  

I always enjoy the process of setting my intentions.  I usually brainstorm a long list of concepts -- and then I look for themes and commonalities.  Ultimately, I break my list down to 8-10 items -- and then I try to further distill each of them into simple 2- or 3-word phrases.


Those phrases end up looking sort of . . . simple, but it takes a lot of time and thought to get there.  Each of those little phrases represents layers of, well . . . intention.  

I really find this practice of intention-setting meaningful and important for me.  I love to take some quiet time, with pen and paper, to work out how I want to live -- and what I want to invite into my life -- for the year.  

Next step?  Goals.  Once I set my intentions, the goals just kind of emerge from there -- becoming external manifestations of how I want to move forward.  I'm still working on my goals - or, as I prefer to think of it, my "action plan" -- but . . .

It always begins with intention!


How about you?  Do you set intentions for the year?  If you do, how does it come together?


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I am intrigued and impressed by your process! I have never taken the time to sit, write, and really work through intentions; instead I tend to jump right to goals. Because I haven't approached them in a well thought out way, they are often half-hearted and easily discarded. I really do like your approach and am going to give it a try (in a small way) this week. Thanks, Kym!


You had me until you said action plan . . . that just sounds too much like long range planning for work. Blergh. But your intentions are lovely.


Um, I would have to SLOW DOWN in order to do that!! ;)


I am easing into intentions and goals - mostly because I am just now feeling better after getting the crud. But my approach is similar - start with intentions, especially thinking about things that spark joy and curiosity. Then the goals and actions come next. I am planing to have an action step for every month that will go in my OLW journal and in my planning notebook. Stay tuned.


This is an interesting process, Kym! I am not setting "new" intentions this year, but rather continuing on last years with hopes of tweaks and improvements!


I wish I was better at journaling, I will start out fine and then after a few days wind up down a rabbit hole of negativity. I wonder if that is because I tend to try to meet a lot of goals all at once and feel like a failure when I fizzle out and give up on them? I like your idea of small intentions, of breaking things down into their essential parts. You've given me a lot to think about!


Kym, we all could use some of your mindful practices in this noisy world. Labyrinth-walking appeals it me but none are available near enough to me to be practical on a daily basis. So maybe the physical act of writing things down on paper might be the way to go. At least I can try....Chloe


The “intentions” approach makes so much sense. Thanks,for sharing.


Your intentions for the year are always of interest to me and I enjoy reading your list. Your approach exudes calmness and balance.


I love your process and your intentions are great! Will look forward to you sharing more of your process.


I love your thought process and those intentions. I especially like the last one. Heaven knows I could stand to look at things with a different (and more thoughtfull approached!) perspective.


Inspring as always, Kym - thank you for sharing! I love the way you look at the planning process - and that we have (yet again!) a few things in common (heart, gratitude, simply!!). I look forward to following along with your journey this year.


You've made me reflect a little about my goals. The past three years I feel as if I've just been reacting to a stream of situations that I face some good some not so much. If there is an intention for me this year it's to keep things simple.


I like the idea of thinking about what you want "to invite into your life." I let my word guide me through the year spending some of my morning journaling time to think about it in terms of the day.

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