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As you've probably heard by now, the Oscar nominations for 2018 were announced earlier this week.  The speculating is over!  It's time to get serious about going to the movies!

Tom and I have been on our annual Movie Mission since October.  This year we've stayed pretty much ahead of the Oscar-watching game (we've already seen 7 of the 9 movies nominated for Best Picture) -- and we're looking forward to rounding out our viewing before March 4.


Want to jump on the Oscar-watching bandwagon?  (Because there are some very good movies out there this year!)  Here are 3 tips from Tom and I:

1 -- Make a list.  Just google "oscar nominations 2018" and you'll find boatloads of nominee lists.  This one is particularly good, and includes some analysis, too.

2 -- Watch what you can at home.  Several of the nominated movies are already available for streaming at home (Get Out, Dunkirk, The Big Sick) -- and more will be available by the time March 4 comes around.  Here is a list of nominees currently available for screening (and where to screen them).  It's especially helpful if you're interested in seeing some of the films in more obscure categories.

3 -- Get to the theater.  You're going to have to go to the theatre if you want to see most of the movies in the Best Picture category, I'm afraid.  But that's fun, too!  If you aren't a regular movie-goer, you may be surprised to discover you can order your tickets online ahead of time (even days ahead of time if you plan early) -- and you can choose your own reserved seats.  (If you're really lucky, you might find that your theatre has recliner-seats and a full bar.  The times they are a'changing when it comes to the movie theater experience.)

So.  Which movie are you most excited about this year in the Best Picture category???


Head over to Carole's for more Three on Thursday lists!


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Thanks for the some great movie information! I haven't seen a movie in a theater since Harry Potter (embarrassing, but our closest one is about 45 min. away), but am going to see Three Billboards and The Post even if I can't convince John. All of those documentaries sound intriguing and I'll be watching Abacus tonight.


I want to see Phantom Thread. I love Daniel Day Lewis and am eager to see him in this movie!


We saw Dunkirk and I want to see Darkest Hour but we usually wait for at home viewing that allows hubby to get up and move when his back begins to bother him.


Thanks for the streaming info, it's about a 45 minute drive to a theater that shows these films!


I love your page with the nominees filled in, I may copy you on that! Darkest Hour and 3 Billboards are my favs so far but I'm excited about Phantom Thread and The Post. We've got 5 to see by March 4th and we're hoping to check two off our list this weekend, I'm just not sure WHICH two.


I've already purchased tickets for our Best Picture Festival, but there are noms in other categories that I'd really like to see, too. Thanks for the streaming info... very useful!


Thanks for all this info!! I'm not a huge movie fan - I tend to get antsy and want to move around...but this year there are several I am interested in (The Post, Billboards, Darkest Hour). I might just find myself in a theatre soon!! With earplugs! Am I the only one who finds the sound volume in theatres to be deafening?


Recliner seats we go. Full bar? No. We're planning on seeing a couple, or three, of movies before the Oscars and that's a lot for us!


This is when rural America works against us! I'm working hard to see Three Billboards and Ladybird. If I get that done I'll feel pretty good! I love your lists!


My advice about movie going is to check around for lower prices. Several theatre in our community offer $5 movies on Tuesdays during the colder months. What a bargain. We went to see The Post this week and quite enjoyed it. We are frequent movie goers but every now and then do go.


Not a fan of theaters, but LOVE to watch movies at home. Sara made us watch Get Out when she was here last month (yikes, scary!) and I'm looking forward to The Post and Ladybird. and the Red Carpet. that's my favorite part of the Oscars ;-)


I'm not much of a movie goer and most that we view are on TV...way after they've been released in the theaters. I am somewhat surprised that I've seen two of this year's contenders...probably a first for me...The Post (MStreep) and Darkest Hour; I enjoyed both and will probably not know who the winners are until 5 March...

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