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This Week: Monday

T'was the week before Christmas, and all through my house . . . 


there's prep work going on!

Tom and I host a big Solstice party - winter and summer - each year.  This year's party is coming right up on Thursday night, so we're busy baking and cleaning and stocking the bar.

I have a big to-do list, but I've got it triaged:  


The closer we get to party-time, the more items fall into the latter two categories.  Shifting priorities . . . based on reality.  And the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day.

It's Monday.  The week before Christmas (and four days before a big party).  I'm hitting the ground running.  How about you?


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I am jumping to the In Your Dreams list because I need to tend to those dreams. Good luck!


Solstice parties - what a great idea! I already see cookies, meatballs on instagram, a trip to the liquor store, and plenty of lit candles and you're done! Have fun celebrating the return of the light!


same here! (and those cookies looks delicious!)


I'm busy, busy this week, but am working on not overdoing it and finding joy in each day. I sing in choir for midnight mass and I co-direct our youth choir, so my week is full of rehearsals and planning for Christmas dinner for my family. I'm trying to keep things simple and fun!


Celebrations are a must for the Solstice! It can't come too soon. My lists are longer than they should be, but doable. Looking forward to the coming light! Enjoy your celebration!

Kim in Oregon

We have the same cookie spritzer! I'd recognize those shapes anywhere! Happy solstice!


Yummmm! I bet a party at your house is great fun!


That's a great way to organize your list! I've still got until Sunday for our big Christmas Eve bash and you know, the things that don't get done don't really matter. Enjoy your party prep!


That's a perfect plan!! Love it. Good luck with your party prep!


Same here...big Christmas Eve at our house but I think we're in good shape! Those cookies do look delicious!


A solstice party - what fun!! Enjoy and know that light will be coming back. Those cookies look awfully yummy....


Solstice parties are fun. Tomorrow I am baking Spritz cookies with the "cookie shooter" as my grandsons call it. It's a tradition for sure. I like your idea of prioritizing the to do's on the list.


Spritz! Those were my favorites when my mom made them.


I hope you aren't so busy that you are too tired for your own party. That's a great tradition though. People probably really look forward to it.


I laughed out loud. And, I might have the same lists going... and I promise you 2 of those lists have WAY more things on them than the other does! Haha! XOXO

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