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Tales of a Christmas Heretic

You want a real holiday conversation stopper?  Looking for a way to really shake things up?  Well.  Try this.  Just casually announce that . . .

We're not putting up a Christmas tree this year.


(Always with the twisted grimace face. . . )


(And the inevitable judgment . . . )

It just isn't CHRISTMAS without a tree!!!!


I am here to tell you, though:  It IS Christmas without a tree!  This is my second year in a row without a traditional, decorated Christmas tree in the house.  Any you know what?

I don't miss it at all!

I still have lights . . . lots of lights . . . and, thanks to my lighted-birch (one of those great Costco finds), I even have the suggestion of a tree there in the corner.  

But no Christmas tree.

And I'm good with that.  (Don't judge.)



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I stopped conversation and also saw grimaces and raised eyebrows at a party on Saturday when I said we weren't doing a tree this year. I explained that we didn't have one last year because we left the day after Christmas for CO, and this year I just haven't done it, for loads of good reasons. We were with people I only know a little bit from John's work, and John said that yesterday several people told him that they didn't know he was Jewish (we're not), and several other people commented that they felt sorry for him that I hadn't put up a tree (because clearly it's a woman's responsibility to decorate). So I'm not judging anyone; if you're good with your decorations, that's all that counts!


I am with you on this one - it really is not the tree that makes it Christmas. But I am married to a man who didn’t get the tree and trimmings as a child so he needs the tree. Fortunately, he is also willing to put it up and take it down - now that is a great gift! I love your lighted birch.


There are 5 reasons why I have a tree this year and their names are Kate, Ali, Maddy, Junah & Ginny. It's still full size only because of the last two, and I imagine it'll continue to be that way for a few more years (with #3 due in March), and thankfully the big kids are a huge help with it all.

Your lighted birch is FABULOUS!!


I applaud you! And, you know what this goes with embracing ALL that is different from you. My normal is not your normal - and thank heavens for that. It makes for a much richer and DIVERSE world! And, I LOVE IT! XOXOXO


Good for you! Your lighted birch looks lovely and peaceful!


I think the birch is lovely too...and the poinsettias! And heck...not everyone wants to unload a tree, haul out the decorations, hang them up (move the s**t around to make room for the tree) haul the boxes back out to take the decorations off, and then get the blasted tree/mess out or put away. That said...we do...but here's to those of you that don't! XOXO


You don’t need a tree when you have festive! And girl, you are rocking the festive wagon!


Your decorations get to be done YOUR way! I love your lighted birch surrounded with poinsettias, it's lovely just like you are. For many years I have said I don't care about the tree but I realized this year it was because of the mess of a live tree. Now that we've gone with the fake thing, I love it and am thrilled to have it up. Dale's favorite Christmas thing is the tree so I don't see us ever going without one.


I LOVE your lighted birch. That is marvelous! Good for you doing what you want. There were a few years when we didn't have a tree for a variety of reasons. I did miss it (mostly because of all the ornaments we have from when I was a kid). One of those years Fletch did surprise me by getting a small (maybe a foot high) table-top tree, putting lights on it and very tiny ornaments. We kept is up for so long it was wonderful. I want to go to Costco and find a birch tree!!


You know, I was thinking this morning when I was getting dressed that I wished people would just be brave enough to do what they do - or do not - on holidays. I love having a tree, but it can be a real hassle. But if others don't have one, a) I don't care, and b) even if I did, it's none of my business!

I think Christmas would be sad without lights, since they always remind me of twinkling stars. We don't have a lot of lights, but the ones we do have make me very happy! I'm glad you are celebrating the way you actually want to! Hooray!!!


If I ever see a birch tree like yours I'll buy it because it's the beautiful tree ever! Since I have not had a tree for over 40 years (even before I met Smith) I'll give you a pass (and props). Celebrating the return of light and the love of nature is all that I feel is needed this time of year (if you're so inclined). Love, Joy, and Peace, that's the ticket.


LOVE that birch tree ... and completely get the no-tree thing. We should all be able to celebrate however, whatever we want and I applaud you!


What do you mean you have no Christmas tree? That lighted birch with the poinsettias looks like a Christmas tree to ME.


Okay, I am judging you... a genius! Love that tree-shaped festival of lights!

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