Hello, December!
Flowing on in to December


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oooohhhh, that looks like some FUN!


I looked at the tubs to be sorted and saw it a little differently than Mary. It reminds me of sorting through my mother's hundreds of Dept. 56 houses and tubs of Christmas decorations. I was happy, sad, and teary-eyed (sometimes all at the same time) by the time I was done, but even though it was bittersweet, the things that I kept really do bring joy. Wishing you good sorting.


Sometimes those jobs are the best. You can get lost in the memories and before you know it hours and hours have passed! I hope it goes well for you today! xo


You've a Christmas explosion on your hands. I'm sure you'll have it sorted in no time. Happy Monday!


Time to put out the God Jul stuff!


Looks like decorating time!


I actually have done some Christmas Kon-Mari on my decorations. I'll hold a mini tag sale with family. Then keep a few items ( mostly Santas) to use in wreaths that I will donate to Festival of Trees and traditions at a local museum. I'm only putting out what can easily be put away!


That looks quite happy to me! Enjoy sorting the happy things.


I hope your sorting was a fun as it looked! XO


I haven't even begun...


We dragged up a storage tub filled with Christmas stuff and I pulled out about 1/5 of the contents to use...I'm sure if I gave it much thought, I'd wonder where so-n-so is/are but I'm totally happy with my selections...less IS more!


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