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Sometimes Mondays

. . . look a bit like a travelogue.


Tom's been on an extended fishing trip . . . to Patagonia!  He just returned yesterday, and I've really enjoyed hearing all about his adventures and looking at his trip photos.  

Want a little peek at southern Argentina?


Tom was at "fish camp" -- a remote fishing lodge featuring comfortable accommodations, excellent food and wine, and knowledgable guides.  (They were a rugged 5-6 hours from the nearest town.)

While he could see mountains in the distance, he was located in the high plains.  Rugged.  Windy.  Desolate.  Starkly beautiful.  (Think eastern Wyoming. . . but with water.)


The Patagonia winds are crazy, and can get this still water churning with waves quickly.  The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are both nearby, stirring up strong wind currents -- that blow down from the nearby Andes Mountains.

The fishing was rough -- but rewarding!


Beautiful, BIG rainbow trout!

And LOTS of them.  Tom fished for 7 days -- catching 30-40 fish just like this each day.

He was in fishing heaven!


Tom had fun watching the non-aquatic wildlife, too.  He got a real kick out of seeing rheas (ostrich-like birds), which were abundant.  He also saw many guanaco -- in the llama/alpaca family.


Mostly, Tom fished in inland lakes and lagoons, but there was also a nearby river cutting through a canyon where he was able to fish one day.  Fishing was even tougher here -- it's super windy and narrow, with treacherous footing.

But . . . worth it!

IMG_1314 2

(It's hard for me to believe that a fish that big came out of water that narrow!)


 I'm happy to have Tom back home -- but I'm even happier that he was able to have this Grand Adventure . . . fishing in Argentina.





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Wow. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. How long was Tom's travel time? And what did he do with all that fish? Very fascinating post.


Incredible! So glad that he had this wonderful adventure...and has returned home safe and happy!


What a trip! I'm glad Tom is home but, like you, I'm glad he had such a grand adventure.


Those fish are absolutely beautiful (and huge)! I'm so glad Tom had a great trip, and I'll have to show these photos to John. He's been to Argentina several times for work, and fished there for dorado once, but he really dreams of trout fishing like Tom did. Thanks for sharing!


I'm in awe at the fish (wow!) and the landscape is beautifully stark and almost harsh. What an amazing adventure to endure and enjoy. Since he is well wrapped up in the photos the winds must have been fierce and chilly! Tom is a true fisherman adventurer!


Wow!! 30-40 fish EACH DAY?? And so BIG!! You must have a full freezer. ;) Thanks for the travelogue & photos. A few of my family members have visited Argentina, but never an area like this.

Kim in Oregon

Did he bring fish back? My first question when I started reading was 'did he see alpaca' but then I read about the guanaco so yay@


Oh wow! How fun!! Those are some fish!


Wow - amazing fish! I bet they were/are delicious (hoping he brought some home). The country looks so beautiful. What a fabulous trip! Glad he is home now with you safe and sound.


Wow—I too was wondering if you have fish to eat. What an awesome trip! Did you consider hiding out in the luggage lol!


whoa. and wow! I had NO idea trout could get that big ... what a cool trip for Tom!!

Cheryl S.

What a fish! I don't think I've ever seen a rainbow trout that big.


Did he bring fish home? Did he injure his finger (green and yellow covering on middle finger, right hand, second to last photo)? Did he bring back yarn? So many questions...


That was a fabulous trip! My dad caught trout - but only from Lake Michigan waters! What did Tom do with his fish? Glad he had such a cool time...thanks for sharing.

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