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Perks of Being a Guinea Pig, or Unraveled ... but Without Knitting

One of my friends is an artist here in town -- and she is developing a series of workshops she plans to offer in her studio beginning early next year.  As part of her "development" she's running prototype workshops -- and she invited me to be one of her guinea pigs!

So a couple of weeks ago, I sat down to a whole new set of tools . . . 


and an overwhelming array of paper choices . . . 


to learn how to make paper-covered boxes.

I love "making things" -- and I love learning new stuff -- so this was right up my alley.  And lots of fun, to boot.  (Also a huge mess.  Which is also fun.)


And look what came out of this prototype workshop . . . 


A fully-functional and super colorful . . . 


paper-covered box!


I'll be doing another prototype workshop with my friend this coming Friday.  More boxes.  Maybe some covered journals as well.  (She wants to smooth out some rough edges we encountered in the first go-round.)  (Kind of like . . . test-knitting.)  

I LIKE being a guinea pig!


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That's awesome - lucky you for being that particular guinea pig!


Fun! Beautiful papers are the best! (And BTW I found a rug hooking class in March...very excited!) xoxo


This sounds very fun. I have a friend who does an annual craft day where she has all the materials for a project and we just get to create.


Wow! I'm not usually a jealous person, but I do admit to envy that you have this wonderful chance to be a guinea pig. You've clearly made the most of it with your beautiful box, and more on Friday! I used a bone folder almost every day for covering books when I worked in the library,and there is something so satisfying about using it to make crisp creases, especially on such lovely paper. Have fun!

Jeannie Gray

LOVE the colors of your box. Wish I had a box making, guinea pig needing, workshop developing friend nearby. Congrats on getting to be the guinea pig.


I feel like Bonny does, totally envious you are the guinea pig for making beautiful boxes! Lucky you!! Folding paper is so satisfying. I've taken classes on Creativebug and love to make perfect creases. Enjoy your classes and let us know how they go!


Your boxes are beautiful and it looks like they were fun to make. Enjoy being a guinea pig!


Oh, that looks SUPER fun!! I love your box, and can't wait to see your next project.


Your box is just plain beautiful! What fun to be tapped as a guinea pig!


ooohhh that DOES look like fun! and the results are beautiful. Can't wait to see the journal!


What fun! I just took a basic bookmaking class and fell in love with it. Enjoy!


What fun! I'll join the ranks of the jealous/envious. Love the paper you chose. Would love to do a journal myself. Have fun!!


LOVE! Oh, my! Beautiful!!


Covering boxes with paper is indeed fun and a creative venture...I also have found it very soothing, calming,, do enjoy and share your creations...


The box is beautiful. I have dabbled in book making by using You-tube and reference books. A teacher would be so helpful. Lucky you to be a guinea pig.

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