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On Frolicking, Snow, and a Poem

We had our first snow yesterday.  Not much.  But enough to cause some roadway havoc.

I always love the first few snows of the season . . . but the dogs?  Oh, they REVEL in it!  They race around the yard, frolicking.  They rub their faces in the snow and dig and roll and chase each other.  It is Pure Dog Joy!


Watching them play in the snow always makes me think of this perfect poem by Mary Oliver, from her book Dog Songs.

The Storm (Bear)
    --- by Mary Oliver

Now through the white orchard my little dog
    romps, breaking the new snow
    with wild feet.
Running here running there, excited,
    hardly able to stop, he leaps, he spins,
until the white snow is written upon
    in large, exuberant letters,
a long sentence, expressing
    the pleasures of the body in this world.

Oh, I could not have said it better


Have a wonderful weekend!


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There is something so wonderful about "dog joy," isn't there? It's catchy! Happy (snowy) weekend!! We barely had a dusting...


Pups - especially yours - are the best! I hope all of you have a good weekend!


Dixie adored the snow and would act much the same as Jenny and Jo Jo. I remember one winter when the snow was quite deep and she looked like she was swimming in the backyard. Good times and I sure miss that dog. (We're getting our first snow tomorrow if the forecast is correct.)


The J pups excel at writing large, exuberant letters! (Your snow is headed here tomorrow, but what was initially forecast as snow showers has turned into 4-6"!)


We had a dusting on Thursday night, not enough for frolicking, but pretty. I love watching dogs play in the snow and Mary Oliver's poem really captures the pure joy they radiate!


Boone isn't quite like the other two who would sit out there for hours letting the snow just fall on them. But he does love a good romp here and there! Have a wonderful weekend!


Puppies of all ages love the snow and Mary expresses so well the joy a dog must feel. We had only an inch of snow that was gone too soon.


Pure Dog Joy is only surpassed by Pure Kid Joy at the first snowfall of the season! XO


That does sound like pure joy ... my little dog, on the other hand, HATES the snow! and - did you see? - we have some!


Delightful! I did a little "frolicking" myself...just for a few moments today in the snow on the deck...
Enjoy your weekend,


Our Misha has a delightful winter behavior: when we let her out onto the deck and there is snow on it, her first step outside is a gorgeous LEAP! over the inevitable low mound right outside the door. She only does this when that mound is present and never ever in any other season. We look forward to it all year!

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